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What would you like to see for programming & development at Carp Ridge Centre?

from Jay Young, Leader of Sustainable Education at Carp Ridge Learning Centre

Hello Carp Ridge Learning Centre & EcoWellness Community!

It’s your opportunity to tell us, “What do you want the Carp Ridge community to be?”

We are exploring new programs for Fall 2011 and now is your opportunity to provide feedback on what your family’s needs are and what you’d like to see here on site at the Carp Ridge Learning Centre (www.ecowellness.com).  This will help us serve our community in the best way possible.

We ask that you complete the 6 questions listed below, then email them to the email address listed at the end of the post, or call us to make an appointment about programming.

To give you a taste of what we’re exploring, we’ve been working on the launch of a Forest School and Forest Kindergarten to compliment our Forest Preschool, Forest Homeschool Program, and our Families in Nature Program. We’ve been exploring various urban initiatives such as an Urban Forest Preschool and Urban Homeschool Program, as well as various summer programs.

Additionally, we’d like to build an eco-community here on site which would include various sustainable education workshops, building and construction projects, more gardening and growing, yoga and meditation retreats, parent and baby programs, etc.

Lastly, it is a priority that we get our March and Summer Break camps off the ground again in new and exciting ways!

Please take some time to let us know what you think, what you need in terms of care and education, and what some of your ideas are around these changes. We value your input and look forward to growing together.


What are your care needs?

What are you willing to spend for programs?

Are you willing to provide food to keep costs lower?

Are you willing to volunteer to keep costs lower?

Are you interested in the development of an ‘eco’community’?

What professional development workshops would you like to see on site — health, education, sustainable building, wilderness, etc.?

We thank you for your time and feedback. In closong, we will be actively
recruiting new board members for the Fall so if anyone is interested, please submit a short bio with resume no later than August 1st if possible (otherwise contact us to make an appointment).  And finally, regarding our upcoming programming, we will be sending emails to clarify August registration dates for returning and new families once we’ve received enough feedback to determine program offerings for the Fall.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to speak with any of the staff about, you can still contact the head office at 613-839-1198, or by email at info@carpridgelearningcentre.ca, or phone the staff office at 613-839-1179.

Kind regards,
Jay Young