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Lillian’s hair: an amazing little girl

from Lise Lillian

Lillian Sparkes, my granddaughter, had her hair cut at a fundraiser on December 8th to donate toward making a wig for a child with cancer.  Her goal was to raise $1200, the cost of making one wig.

She had also set up a donation box at a salon in her home town of Napanee.  Recently the salon, Divine Hair Studios, was broken into and the cash register money as well as money collected in Lillian’s donation box was stolen.

Lillian is such an amazing girl.  Did I mention that she is only 5 years old? She is always so considerate of others, wanting to be helpful however she can, and doing wonderful things of all kinds.

This story made me sad. . . no actually it made me mad.  I can’t believe that someone would steal money from a box with a little girl’s picture on it.

She has put an awful lot of effort into her personal fundraising event and I wanted to find a way to support her efforts and help her to see that they are not in vain. Her mother and I have therefore created a web page of her very own to collect donations in her name.

If you are able to contribute any amount to help Lillian with her fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society, please feel free to make your donation on her personal web page at the following link:


Thank you for your support!