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A choice in every moment?

by  Jean Brazeau  and Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz

Before beginning, we ask that you take a moment to  sit down, become still, place your hand on your heart and follow your breath to a place of inner peace, calm, tranquility. . . feel your awareness as it  starts to enter your body. . . just for a moment.  This will allow for a more profound, expansive experience of what we are about to share. Thank you . . . and now let’s begin.

Most of us believe we make choices of our own volition on a daily basis.  For some of us, we   believe we consciously express our wants, our needs and our desires through the one aspect we feel we have control over, our choices!

What if we aren’t controlling our choices — what if our choices are controlling us?  What if our choices are driven by deep-seated unconscious needs for love, security, appreciation, validation, fill-in-your-own-word?  What if our choices are actually made  from a place of avoidance, moving away from things we fear such as being alone, living in poverty, not meeting societal expectations, not feeling good enough, etc.

Have you ever experienced a time when you did something you’d rather not have done?  A time when, from somewhere deep within, a voice or a knowing or a feeling was telling you this isn’t  right or  it simply doesn’t feel good in your body?  Sometimes that voice is quiet, a fleeting whisper, easily ignored.  Other times it screams loudly and will eventually make itself known to you, be it through physical, emotional and/or spiritual dis-ease and dis-comfort.  Sooner or later, one way or another the overwhelment, confusion, depression, doubt, pain and fear overcomes you.  Life can become challenging, heavy, hard and meaningless.

How many times in our lives have we felt unwell but chose to force our way through our own discomfort?   Did we go to work, tend to the children, make the meals, visit the in-laws or have them for dinner, balance the books,  clean the house or go to the gym anyway?

How  many times have we sexually engaged with our partners when all we really wanted to do was roll over and surrender to  tiredness or exhaustion?  How many of us have chosen to go out on dates or out with friends when we really wanted to stay home?

How many of us chose careers based on our parents’ desire for us to exceed beyond their own accomplishments, or alternatively, to go in the extreme opposite direction because we didn’t want to be controlled?  Either way, the choice stems from the  same place – unconsciousness.

How many of us have stayed in relationships long past their “sell-by-date” simply because we were afraid to be alone?  Dinner for one can feel daunting to say the least. How many times have we allowed others to disrespect and dishonor us simply because we were  afraid to say no for fear of the consequences?

Just for a moment, let’s try something.  Bring into your awareness a time when you did or said something, OR didn’t do or say that which needed to be said or done.  Check in with yourself in that moment. What were you feeling, what was underlying that choice?  Fear of disappointing others, fear of exclusion, loss or abandonment?  Wanting to do the “right” thing?  Wanting to be accepted by others? How about the “peace-at-any-price” game —  if I say or do what I really think, mean or want, then all hell will break loose?

And how did you feel as you engaged?  Perhaps resentful , rejected, angry or alone.  Maybe you chose to deny yourself and opted out of feeling anything at all.  In our experience, this is akin to opting out of life itself.

Ask yourself, and more importantly, be willing to hear the answer.  What were those choices born of for you?

For some of us, we’re aware we’re making choices that may not be in our best interests or that may not feel very good. And some of us are totally unconscious of the fact that we even have a choice in many situations.

The truth is, choice is available to us in every moment.

But is it really? For many, the ability to consciously choose for ourselves what we wanted or didn’t want was taken from us at a very young age.  Let’s get real!  How many of us would really have chosen to be teased, bullied, humiliated or abused, be it physically, sexually or emotionally as young children?  Often, even our bodily functions are controlled by outside forces such as school policies which dictate when we can relieve our bladders, whether it be at recess, lunch or the teacher’s whim.

As children we are often “commanded” to do things by our parents or the educational, religious and health care systems.  To choose to go against the command would surely result in punishment ranging from grounding, withdrawn privileges, physical and/or emotional abuse, being shut out or ignored, all of which leave us feeling fearful, humiliated, resentful, angry, ashamed and anxious, to name but a few.

These feelings create our life experience, shape our choices, and are solid indicators that we’ve not had clear and conscious choice at our disposal in that moment.

Our choices shape, color and create our relationship with ourselves, which in turn shapes , colors and creates every relationship we have with others and every experience in our lives.

What is it that we would choose from our deepest desires?  Not from what we were taught in school, church, at home, from friends, or learned from past relationships, but from a clear and conscious place inside.

And what exactly does that mean?

‘Consciousness’ and ‘clarity’ are relative terms.  One can only know unconsciousness once one has become conscious.  One can only recognize disintegration once one has  become integrated.  For example, it is often the case we only appreciate our health and our bodies  after we have had the flu or cancer or another debilitating dis-ease, or appreciate the financial stability our employment offers us after we have been laid off.

We’ve heard it said that we are born free yet we live in prison, held hostage by rules and belief systems that are not of our own choosing. This is truth.

It would be our honor to assist you in unraveling the false aspects of yourself.

Join us at an upcoming 3-day all-inclusive, live-in FUNshop, September 11,12,13 at the New Life Retreat in Lanark. Our unique FUNshop will provide you with the teachings, experientials, healings and tools to assist in raising your consciousness and vibratory levels.  Through clear and conscious choice, improve your relationships with your family, friends and co-workers, and most importantly with yourself.

Be Free Now!  Become the creator of the life of your dreams.

For FUNshop details please contact:

Jean Brazeau: jeanbrazeau@sympatico.ca or 613-295-2756

Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz: jasmine@beingu.ca 705-427-5962