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A family visits the Healing House

by Katherine Willow ND

(ed note: pics of Laura Tromp (right) & Carla Brown (w/ antlers) this past Xmas, Chad Clifford and Laura’s triplets out enjoying a sunny winter day.)

When we found out that naturopathic student Laura Batson was coming to preceptor (student teach) at the clinic in early January when there were no patients booked, we decided to create a family healing house program for her to experience and help with.  Our general manager Laura Tromp volunteered — with her triplet six year old boys!

We put together a program involving outdoor wilderness activities and indoor crafts for the boys with Matt Selic and our homeschooling wilderness teacher, Chad Clifford.  Laura B. would do a naturopathic assessment and program for everyone, then lead Laura through some nature exercises for inner awareness as well as some meditation in the evenings.

Kim Trott, our trusty cook at the centre, would plan and prepare the meals as well as give a cooking class.  Sarah, my assistant would help in all kinds of ways.  Laura’s husband Chris would join us for dinner, take the boys home for bed and bring them back for breakfast to give Laura a break.  I was to be the coordinator and general host.

Well, it would have all been perfect if I hadn’t gotten sicker than I’ve ever been in my life!  Luckily the whole team pulled together and it all happened mostly as planned, only somewhat chaotic, parallel to me tottering around in agony at times, but mostly in bed oblivious to everything that was going on.

The best thing about it is that we now have an experience of hosting a family and can fine-tune the details in order to offer this as a wonderful program for whole families that want to experience some healing time together in nature.  Thanks to Laura and her family for being our guinea pigs!

From now on the healing house will be on hold until I get back to my book — I know, it is taking a long time — and we have the new buildings here, most realistically by the fall of this year.  Until then we will be creating a well-organized system, learning from all of the wonderful guests we have had so far. . .

Much appreciation to everyone involved!