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Ask a Naturopathic Doctor… Helping Our Children…

When I was a younger mother, I struggled unsuccessfully, (too anxious and angry), with trying to balance what I thought was good for my children’s health and what was offered by our culture. This included food, clothing, screens, music, sleep times, vaccinations, spirituality, education, medical care, sexual mores and holiday expectations–in no particular order. And research tells us that the upcoming generation of children will be the first who won’t live as long as their parents, directly because of this lifestyle.

Now that my “children” are 24 and 28 and I have a seven year old grandson, I support them in better ways.

First and foremost, I am learning to decrease the stress that I pass on to my family. It has required professional help to turn my negative patterns around and has been worth every hour and penny spent!

Second is modelling. Openly sharing my struggles with my kids is better than expecting them to follow what I say and can’t yet do. Mindful compassion all around…and more smiling…

Third is like-minded community for my family. Being with a loner parent led my children to abandon what was preached at home for what’s happening in the tribe. Can’t blame them! Now I create activities where children can explore spirituality, wild herbs, music, organic food, yoga and more with children of other families who want healthy balance. Better than fighting the culture.

Fourth, I’m reaching out to the wider community, offering to teach a group on ADD in my grandson’s school, facilitating free Healing Circles in Carp and organizing an alternative Halloween party for the families in our area. Retirement from private practice allows me the time and energy.

Finally, we plan to post ideas and resources for families on our website. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to find out more: www.ecowellness.com.