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Ask a Naturopathic Doctor… Why Undertake Sensitivity Testing?

One of the best services we have to offer at the Carp Ridge clinic is our sensitivity test, which we have been doing for over twenty years. Done with a simple electronic device called a Biotron, it shows people’s tolerance to foods, chemicals, supplements, pets, remedies—and anything else you care to test!

Here are the reasons we recommend the Biotron test:

  • It is consistent. Unlike any other sensitivity or allergy test we know of, the patterns are similar if you test again in one, three or five years. The differences will be a marker of one’s health, so sensitivity tests can be used to measure progress over time. More sensitivities show up when health is poor and vice versa. I do one every year to fine-tune my own program.
  • It makes sense with a person’s condition. Each organ is related to certain foods and when that organ is weak or overloaded, these foods tend to show up as sensitive. This understanding allows us to treat food sensitivities and the conditions they cause by strengthening and/or detoxifying specific organs and systems.
  • It makes a difference. Patients feel better after following their Biotron results for a few weeks. We have seen hot flashes vanish, stubborn weight loss get kick-started, headaches disappear, joint pains diminish and many other symptoms decrease after testing. The best news is that even the sensitivities go away as the body is strengthened and cleansed.
  • We can better suggest treatments. For instance, most patients have liver and digestive sluggishness and there are hundreds of products for treatment. How do we know which are best? We add a variety of indicated products to the test and discover which are best tolerated—and in turn learn more about the condition. We can also help find the optimum dose of supplements so that the body is not overloaded/irritated.
  • The Biotron tells us if a person is more depleted or toxic. Most electronic testing devices give a number for each substance tested up to an optimum, usually 100. In a Biotron test, a baseline is determined that is unique to the patient, which gives us information about their vitality. Then, all the substances tested are either equal to, below or above this baseline and the overall pattern tells us whether to rebuild or detoxify first.
  • Patients can add other foods and supplements. People are most often sensitive to foods/substances they eat/are in contact with a lot. We ask patients to bring in the foods they eat often (if they are not on the list) to find the most important culprits affecting their health. Warning: it’s usually what we like most!
  • People do not need to see a naturopathic doctor to have the test. The results are easy to follow and our tester, Cindy Fleming, explains how to do so and answers any questions. Other practitioners can refer their patients/clients for this test for better results in their own practice.
  • It is affordable. At $130/adults, $125/children for 80+ items, it is very cost-effective.
  • It is non-invasive and safe for children, babies and animals.
  • Preparation is easy. You fast on your normal amount of water for three hours before and discontinue your supplements and medications for 24 hours prior if you are able. Best to wear cotton or wool clothing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.