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Ayurvedic MD Dr. Gupta joins CREWC team

By Karen Secord

The natural health system of Ayurveda is now more available than ever to patients of the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic. On October 2 and every Friday thereafter, Eastern Ontario’s only Ayurvedic physician will be on-site to offer Ayurvedic consultations and to develop individualized holistic treatment plans that aim to keep the body-mind-senses balanced.

gupta1Dr. Vaidya Hemant Gupta owns the Shree Ma Ayurveda Institute & Wellness Centre Inc. (www.divineayurveda.org) at 2596 Carling Avenue in Ottawa.

An educator with a passion for sharing the world’s oldest known system of preventative medicine, Dr. Gupta has been a visiting professor at institutions in North America, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia since 1991. His research on the topic and contribution to its global knowledge has been significant. Trained in India, where Ayurveda is a state-recognized form of medical treatment, he has degrees in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery, internal medicine and natural medicine.

Dr. Gupta began offering private consultations and courses in Ottawa in 2006, while he was director at the Ayurvedic Medicine Group in Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland.

Ayurveda is the “science of life”; a comprehensive method of determining an individual’s constitution or body-type, based on three fundamental principles that govern all physical functioning, in every cell and in every system of the body. Its treatment encompasses every aspect of life – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and ultimate purpose.

“Ayurveda addresses something very fundamental that is at the core of every being,” explains Dr. Gupta. “Ayurveda has no beginning and no end and it is eternal.”

Ayurveda speaks in the language of balance and imbalance. It promotes prevention and self-awareness. Ayurveda recognizes that we are all different and provides a blueprint of our basic nature. Dr. Gupta’s intelligent and gentle approach guides people towards better health, increases immunity, vitality and happiness.