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Book-on-Tape Review: ‘Shannon’ by Frank Delaney, read by the author

Reviewed by K Liwwol

Listening to books on tape/cd’s is one of the pleasures in my life that helps me offset stress.  Adventure, drama, romance, spirituality and life lessons all within a good story line have to be one of the best things for the soul when driving, washing dishes, housecleaning or doing anything else that doesn’t require much mind when one feels too antsy to just focus on one’s breath. . .

Recently I discovered a story that was so exceptional that I immediately ordered 10 copies and offered it for sale in the clinic.  It is a rich and unforgettable saga of the healing journey of a priest who had been in WWI and the incredible patience and understanding required by the people around him in order for him to complete it.  The different voices and accents put on by the narrator are extraordinary and skilled.

The author has obviously done his homework on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but he tells the story in such a powerful way that it sinks into the psyche as an indelible experience and beacon of hope. I recommend it to anyone struggling with their own traumas or those of someone close.

Consider it a Christmas present with an inner light.