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Camp Policy

Children’s Camp Policies – March 2017

About our camps  

We offer PD day camps, March Break camps and summer camps for children from ages 3-12.

Check our website for details of upcoming camping experiences.

Camp days run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  We provide healthy snacks and lunches for our campers and staff.


At Carp Ridge Learning Centre, we commit to providing every camper the best and safest possible camp experience. From our programming to our policies, everything we do is geared toward growing holistically healthy kids joyfully engaged in nature.

Campers participate in varying activities which incorporate plants, animals, energy, green tech, green art, gardening, sustainability, non- competitive games and sports and much more!  Campers learn from instructors, who are engaging, love kids, and contribute to a dynamic camp environment.


Special events and weekly camp themes provide added excitement during each camp week.

All our counsellors are required to have Police vulnerable sector checks.  We have a vigorous Anti-Abuse policy and clear Health and Safety policies in place.  You are welcome to view these.  Our Youth Coordinator has first aid training and first aid stations are set up in the Learning Centre, the House and the Clinic buildings.  When out on the trails, the counsellors carry a portable first aid pack.  We prefer to use very effective natural methods to deal with small bumps and bruises.  Parents can opt for this approach on the registration form.


We will only release a child at the end of the day to the person authorized by you.

We relish the opportunity for children to become comfortable in the forest and integrate many nature lore activities into our programs.  This site has poison ivy but we are aware of where these patches lie and instruct the children to recognize the plants and keep their distance. Unfortunately, ticks seem to have become ubiquitous in the area in the last few years. Campers are checked for ticks at the end of each day, after rambling through the woods. We will safely remove any ticks we find unless parents wish to take the children to emergency to have the ticks removed.  You are welcome to provide your child with anti-bug lotion.  (Our clinic store has healthy versions.)

As you can appreciate, an outdoor camp is inherently riskier than any indoor or more sedentary activities. We encourage our campers to understand the risks and not fear them, but learn how to deal with them appropriately.  Any incident such as bumps, bruises or insect bites, will be attended to as noted in our registration form and a report will be provided to the parent/guardian at pickup time.

Safety precautions will be planned for and adhered to if a child with disabilities attends. Counselors will sit with the child to assist with any additional help they may need.  Please inform us well in advance how best to support your child.



We will not release information about your child to anyone unless preauthorized by a parent or guardian.


Camp Rules: 

Our counselors review our camp rules with our campers at the beginning of each camp week.  This is to ensure a safe, positive, and happy camp environment.


New and amended Camp Policies:

To ensure a safe and productive camp environment, we reserve the right to add or amend camp policies at any time.  All current policies can be found



Sibling discounts are available and provide 10% off for any additional child registered.


“Walk-up” registration information:

Parents are encouraged to register online and in advance, but we understand that for unforeseen reasons, parents sometimes need to register at the last minute. If you find yourself in this situation, please call our office 613-839-1198


Refunds & Credit Policies:

If you wish to cancel your camp registration, please do so as soon as possible so we can offer the spot to another child. We will give refunds minus a 15% deposit for any cancellation that is made more than 2 weeks before start of the program. Later cancellations are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Once a program begins, we cannot make any adjustments or offer any credits. If your child cannot attend camp for medical reasons, please contact our office. A credit note will be issued upon receipt of a doctor’s note. No other exceptions will be made.


Waiting List:

If a camp spot becomes available, the first camper on the waiting list for that camp will be notified by email. You are required to make a payment within 12 hours of your email notification or the registration will be cancelled and the spot will be given to the next camper on the waiting list.


Completing Appropriate Camper Health Forms, Identity Forms & Paperwork:

All campers must have completed the necessary camp forms as part of the registration process.  These forms can be found on our website or call and we can email them to you.


Attendance and Extended Hours Policies:


Early Drop-off & Late Pick-up fee:

It is important to pick up your child on time each day. We reserve the right to charge a late fee of $5.00 per child, for every 30 minutes past the pickup time. Please call our office to let us know if you realize that you’ll be late.


Extended Day Care: 

Unfortunately, we are not currently setup to provide extended day care hours.


Late Arrival:

If a child does not arrive by 9:00 am we will try to contact the parents.  Please alert us by calling the Youth coordinator if you are facing problems arriving on time.


Reporting Illnesses & Absences Due to Illness:

Please notify us by phone or email if a child is ill, especially if the illness is communicable. Internally, we keep track of the instances of communicable diseases at camp, and when appropriate will notify the parents of all children that may have been exposed, while respecting the confidentiality of campers and families involved.


Communicable Diseases:
Campers who have communicable diseases will be sent home and may not return to camp until the illness has been treated successfully and the camper is symptom free.


Campers who have signs of head lice (itching, head irritation, etc.) will be removed from their group and escorted to the camp office by the one of the Counsellors. If we believe there is a possibility of head lice, we will ask the family to pick their camper up from camp. To return to camp, a camper must have had all active lice removed from his or her hair & and no longer show any signs of infestation, itching or irritation.


Code of Conduct:   

Our staff uses positive techniques of guidance, including logical or natural consequences applied in problem situations, redirection of children to more acceptable behavior, anticipation of and elimination of potential problems and encouragement of appropriate behavior rather than comparison, competition or criticism. Consistent and clear rules are established. Staff members encourage children to solve problems rather than imposing solutions and help children to recognize and respect one another’s feelings. Counselors encourage pro-social behavior such as cooperation, helping, taking turns and constructive verbal communication to solve problems. The goal is to help children internalize rules and become self-directed in their behavior.

If a child demonstrates problematic behaviour that does not respond to our positive approach, we will be in touch with the parent to discuss the issue and to consider options as to how to best support the child.  However, we reserve the right to dismiss a child for consistent behavior that makes it difficult or impossible for the staff to meet his/her needs and/or the needs of other children in the group.

We strive to offer a positive, safe and respectful environment for all, and encourage all campers to demonstrate respectful and appropriate behaviour towards their peers and the camp staff. Please review the guidelines of behaviour below with your child before they attend camp.

Safe, respectful and appropriate behaviour includes:

  • Following instruction from Staff
  • Letting staff know immediately if there are any problems or concerns
  • Not leaving camp area without a staff member
  • Not leaving camp area without permission from camp staff
  • Not littering
  • Not having water fights (unless scheduled into camp program)
  • Not sharing food, drinks, hats or clothing
  • Not hitting, kicking, biting, or showing any other form of violent/aggressive behaviour
  • Not using profane language or making profane gestures
  • Not teasing, taunting or gossiping
  • Not bullying or intimidating others in any way
  • Not stealing

We appreciate hearing from parents if their child faces difficulty in group sessions.  The more we know about the child, the better we can support that special child.  However, we must be clear about limits in our capacity.

Disciplinary measures may result for those who do not follow the behaviour guidelines listed above and who do not respond to our positive approach.  These disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Camper receives a warning from Program Director that may involve a consequence (Time out away from activity/program).
  • Camper meets with Camp Director and/or parents are called to be advised.
  • Parent is called and must pick up child from camp immediately.
  • Camp staff report to the parent that we are not able to meet this child’s needs within our program.  We may be able to assist parents by suggesting other options for the child.  There will be no refund unless there is a medical note.


Personal Property guidelines:  

It is helpful if you can mark all your child’s clothing and personal items such as backpacks etc. with their names. Campers may bring personal items/equipment to camp, but we are not responsible or liable for any personal items/equipment that is lost, stolen, left behind, or broken.


Policy on electronics, toys, trading cards & pins:

Our Summer Camps strives to provide a program free from video games, cell phones, audio players, toys and other distractions. Please do not permit your child to bring any of these items to camp as they will be busy throughout the camp day.  If a child brings any device, our staff will place the item in a safe place until the end of the day.


Lost and Found:

All “Lost and Found” items/equipment will be held at camp until one week after the last day of camp. All “Lost and Found” items/equipment that are not picked up at camp by that day will be donated to a charitable organization.  Found items of value such as medicines, are held onto by our camp director pending return to their rightful owner.



For the safety of campers and staff with life-threatening food allergies, foods containing any type of peanut/nut and peanut/nut by-products, are not permitted at camp. Unless there is a special need, your child does not need to bring any food or snacks as we provide them with a very healthy lunch and snacks and drinks.  Please advise us if your child has any allergies or food sensitivities. Please provide a water bottle for your child’s use.


Pea Nut-Aware Camp:

For the safety of our campers, we are a peanut-aware camp. Please do not send any peanut products to camp with your child.  While we are a “peanut-aware” camp, we cannot guarantee a peanut-free environment. We use other nuts in some of our snacks so please alert us when registering if your child has other nut allergies and we will remove all nuts from our food plans.



If your child requires medication of any kind while at camp, you must sign a Medication Release Form giving permission for our staff to administer the medication to your child. Request a form from a staff member. Medication must be handed to the Youth Coordinator in the morning along with the signed form. Epi-pens and asthma inhalers can be held on to by the child to whom they belong throughout the day. Please be sure to review your child’s medical information when registering and update it when necessary.

Should an emergency arise, we will contact the parent or emergency contact immediately and if not available, we will take the child to the Emergency Department if deemed necessary.  An accident report will be prepared and a copy will be provided for the parent.  We will continue to reach out until we contact a parent.




Potty Training Policy:

All campers attending our Camps are expected to be fully potty-trained by their first day of camp. We ask that families provide an extra set of clothes with campers, if a camper has a history of bathroom accidents. If an accident occurs during camp hours, the Staff will notify the camper’s primary parent/guardian.



Most of our activities happen outdoors but we use indoor spaces when required (as for example during extreme heat conditions or inclement weather). If the weather is threatening, please ensure your child has appropriate outerwear.


Sunscreen Policy & Procedure:

Our policy is to do everything possible to protect our campers from excessive exposure to the sun, while still allowing them to get the most out of our outdoor games and activities. Parents/guardians should provide sunscreen for use during the camp day. Sunscreen sent to camp should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and labeled with the child’s first and last name. If you wish to learn of healthy sunscreen alternatives offered by our store, please let us know.

Families are responsible for applying the first layer of sunscreen prior to morning drop-off and provide it for use during the camp day. Upon receipt, counselors will label all sunscreen and place it in a tote bag that will be in their possession throughout the day. Any remaining sunscreen will be sent home the last day of camp. During the camp day, staff will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to help each child reapply sunscreen to exposed skin– including the face, the tops of ears, and bare shoulders, arms, legs, & feet– prior to campers’ participation in outdoor programs. Counsellors will not apply sunscreen when skin is broken or an adverse reaction has been observed. When staff notices these reactions, they will report them to the Youth Director who will contact the camper’s family. If, for any reason, counselors cannot apply sunscreen on a camper, s/he may not be able to participate in outdoor activities for his/her own protection. Please advise us of such a concern. If parents/guardians have more than one camper attending camp, we ask each camper have their own supply of sunscreen so that it is readily accessible throughout the camp day.


To Contact your child during the day:

If you would like to get in touch with your child during the camp day, please contact the office and a message will be forwarded to the child.  Additionally, if your child would like to contact you during the camp day, he/she may contact you through the office after getting permission from the counsellor in charge.  He/she will be accompanied to the office.


Participant and parent Evaluation:

Children and Parents will be asked to fill in evaluations forms at the end of camp. These forms will be reviewed by staff to help us improve where needed and to celebrate where needed.  Parents will be asked if any of their comments can be used in our promotions.


Important phone numbers:  Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre:  613-839-1198


Emergency ServicePhone Number
Universal Emergency Services911
Fire Department/First Responders911
Ambulance Service911
Poison Control Center1-800-268-9017
Provincial Emergency Program1-866-517-0571


Medical ServiceAddressPhone Number
Almonte General Hospital75 Spring St., Almonte K0A 1A0613-256-3113
Queensway Carleton Hospital3045 Baseline Rd. Ottawa K2H 8P4613-721-2000
West Carleton Family Health Team119 Langstaff Drive, Carp K0A 1L0613-839-3271