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Caramel & Milo’s story: Two great cats looking for new homes

My name is Kathy and I want to tell you about my two cats, Caramel and Milo.  My boyfriend has developed strong allergies to cats over the years and we are unable to take care of them any longer.

It was extremely hard for me to come to this decision and I am looking for individuals that love animals and would provide a good home for our cats.  I never thought that I would have to give them up and it will be very hard for me to let them go but if you would be able to love them and provide a good home for them, I will be even more grateful for your assistance.

I do not assume that one person will take both pets.  In fact, it might be even better for them to have two separate homes as Caramel is very independent and outgoing and Milo is shy and reserved.

My cats are very loving and used to living with other cats and small dogs but, of course, they can also live without other pets.  They lived indoors their entire lives, briefly going outdoors to a small garden under my supervision.

They are great pets and I need help in finding them great homes with individuals that would love them and take care of them.  My cats have been with me since they were kittens therefore I have all of their vet information.  They have only gone to the doctor’s office for their annual shots and have never been ill.

Both cats are neutered and 7 years old and were vaccinated within the last year.  The following is a brief description of their character.


Is a neutered female.  She has short grey and black fur with a bit of caramel and yellow in her top coat.  There is beautiful white fur under her chin and on her paws.  Parts of her fur on her back and legs have a look of tiger stripes.  Her belly is mostly caramel.  As you can see she is full of different colours.

Caramel is very energetic and plays with my dogs (small to medium sized) rather than with the other cats that I have.  She loves to bask in the sun beside the window and loves to be petted.

If you have a computer and like to spend lots of time on it she could accompany you as she like to sit on the computer while it is warm.  Caramel loves to play with toys that are shaped like a mouse and string.


Is a male cat that has been neutered.  He has medium length hair and is a 7 years old indoor cat.  He has light cream/orange top coat and white/creamy tummy. He has beautiful big paws but doesn’t stick out his claws.

His chin is also white and he actually looks like a little lion due to his long fur around his neck.  Milo makes the funniest sounds when he sees a fly or a bug.  He is shy and reserved so if you do not enjoy overbearing cats he would be a great fit for you.

He likes to observe and watch different situations unfold between my other pets rather than joining in. He also loves a variety of toys and the laser pointer is his best friend.

Thank you for taking the time and reading Milo and Caramel’s story.  If you have any questions give me a call, my phone number is 613-614-9859.


And here’s an update from Kirsten about Ziggy, a cat who was living on his own in a vacant greenhouse, but was adopted earlier this year by a terrific family:

Hi Carla,

I just wanted to let you know that Ziggy has become much more at home here.

Over the last month he has become more social and relaxed.

He brings home mice for his new family every day (oh boy).

We’re happy that he seems happier! I’m sending along a couple of pics.

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer.