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Dr. Stephanie Deschenes

Dr. Stephanie Deschenes is a compassionate Chiropractor, speaker and consumer of all things health, nutrition and fitness. While watching her family’s health deteriorate in her teens, she decided that wasn’t going to be her future and set out to learn exactly what is required to be truly healthy. This passion led her to Chiropractic and ultimately to establishing her practice in Ottawa. She is passionate about working with families, pregnant moms and babies, with a special focus on making sure every woman’s body thrive throughout their pregnancy for optimal baby development and birth. She loves helping moms understand how simple it is to get the health they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families. Drawing from her own experience overcoming health challenges and her thirst for knowledge, Dr. Stephanie is the perfect fit to help transform your family’s health from the inside out.

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Tuesday & Thursday 2-6:30pm

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Dr. Stephanie’s Story…

Growing up, I was taught that I was healthy if I didn’t get colds, and in general, felt good. I believed it was as simple as eating well and avoiding fast food. Easy, right?

I soon learned there was way more to ‘health’ than this simple outlook. Unfortunately, most of us do not understand the true meaning of health until we no longer have it…

As a teenager, I struggled with eating disorders. Counting calories and skipping meals was a regular occurrence. Although I believed I was healthy, my energy levels were fluctuating like a roller coaster and I had lost control over my mood swings. At the same time, I was watching my family fall apart due to multiple health problems and to make matters even worse, according to my high school biology teacher, my future was headed in the same direction as a result of my genetics. (No, thank you!).

I was determined to dig deeper into what I wanted to do with my life. I began researching and reading about what true health was about and I found myself devouring all things chiropractic. I remember reading about how the nervous system controls everything in your body. The word ‘control’ resonated in my mind … somehow I could finally have control over my body and health?

I became passionate about serving people in my community, to make a difference in their lives, and teaching them how to attain optimal health. Put simply, my purpose is to show everyone they could get the health they’ve always wanted.

Through my education in chiropractic school and years of professional and personal experience, I developed the understanding of how the communication between the brain and body through the nervous system is vital in order for all the systems and muscles to function properly. Furthermore, I learned the body has specific requirements to express its full potential of health, such as eating real food, consistent and proper movement, as well as a healthy mind.

Personally, through chiropractic care, I have experienced more energy, fewer mood swings, better mobility of my spine and the ability to handle stress better. I also gained a new confidence in my physical abilities and started doing activities I never believed were possible (like yoga and weightlifting to name a few). Chiropractic has helped me finally get a chance to connect with my amazing body and to appreciate it as it is.

Aside from advocating health and wellness, and delivering exceptional chiropractic care on a daily basis, I am likely found in the kitchen cooking up a storm and developing recipes (my friends refer to me as Julia Child). I am always trying new restaurants and I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I am addicted to yoga, and also competitively play volleyball, living my high school dream of being an Olympic star. I received my first chiropractic adjustment when I was in my mother’s belly!