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How the Forest Heals Us…

It is no secret that modern people are disconnected from nature, but few people realize how seriously this affects our health and well-being.
Staying up too late with strong lights, excessive use of screens, artificial chemicals in our food and not moving nearly enough makes us more and more groggy. Being away from our extended families and without close community, the cultural push to be relentlessly busy and not healing our emotional wounds are life-damaging. All contribute to chronic illness, fatigue, irritability and lack of feeling profoundly well.
The key piece is that we close down our awareness in order to keep going. Without that awareness of how awful we really feel, there is not enough motivation to change. We become an automatic pilot that ploughs its way through a joyless life and we cover our deeper longings with addictions to sugar, caffeine and worse.
Enter forest therapy.
In the quiet of the forest and other beautiful natural spaces, our minds spontaneously become quiet too. Our bodies release the frenetic energies that we pick up from our gadgets. A sense of peace starts to percolate into us, resonating with our deeper selves. We realize what we have been missing and don’t want to go back.
The seeds of change have been sown…

***If you would like a taste of what the forest can do, consider signing up for a session with one of our staff who are in training to become certified forest therapists. This is by donation. Enjoy!

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