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German New Medicine

German New Medicine (GNM) is a set of healing principles discovered by German medical doctor Geerd Hamer between the late 1970’s until his death in 2017.

The core idea of GNM is that traumas cause the body to respond in primal ways to help us survive. In other words, symptoms that we think of as disease are often attempts by the body to help us, including things like joint pain, headaches, autoimmune disorders, infections and even cancer.  Each symptom relates to a very specific trauma.

Dr. Hamer also made the significant discovery that there are two possible phases for each trauma: the stress phase when we are still shocked by an event, and the healing phase after the trauma is resolved—IF it is resolved.  Some traumas are never resolved over a lifetime, only suppressed or managed.

In addition, Hamer found that when we are hit by a trauma, there are clear marks visible on a brain cat scan.  These concentric circles are  evolve in appearance as we heal.

This changes a lot in how we can choose to treat illness.

First, we associate each symptom with specific responses to trauma, not the type of trauma itself.  We look for the emotional response, ie fear, anger, etc and the mental thoughts about the event, ie “I am  worthless”, not the fact of a separation, accident or other shock.   As an example, stomach ulcers are triggered by territorial anger, a reaction to feeling threatened in a place that is ours, ie home or work.

Secondly, we determine whether the person is in the stress or healing phase by their symptoms.  If they are in the stress phase, we need to help them identify and resolve their shock.  If they are in the healing phase, we need to educate them about the predicted course and help them navigate it.

Thirdly, GNM can be effectively combined with other therapeutic tools once we understand how the body and mind are attempting to help us.  We can either support these attempts or moderate them so the healing path is easier.

Not everyone is suited to use German New Medicine.

Over the years, we have found that there are certain essential conditions for successfully using GNM.

They include:

  1. A solid support team, especially those living with you.
  1. A clear understanding of German New Medicine. This is not a faith-based system, but science.  It will only be widely accepted after there is more research by the medical community.  In the meantime, people using it need to study the principles thoroughly and know how they apply to their condition(s).  This is often OPPOSITE to how we currently understand disease.
  1. Enough vitality to manage the symptoms that accompany healing.
  1. A healthy lifestyle to optimize the ability to become well or willingness to cultivate one.
  1. Time to rest.
  1. An understanding that GNM is not widely known yet and so one’s decisions will not necessarily be supported by one’s medical practitioners. One needs to have a strong sense of responsibility for one’s own health and be able to manage practitioners with different approaches.
  1. Being willing to ask questions about every detail that is not clear so that there is no conflict or stress about this path. I make myself available for this at no extra charge.
  1. Making sure to let me know when there are new symptoms immediately so that I can help you understand what they mean in the context of GNM.


If you are interested in applying German New Medicine to your healing process, please fill in this GNM Screening Form and return it to us so we can contact you for an intake phone call to make sure you are a good candidate for GNM.

At this point, my practice is a combination of naturopathic medicine, Ayurveda and GNM and I am currently supervised by GNM expert Ilsedora Laker.

I look forward to sharing this exciting new material with you! 

Dr. Katherine Willow N.D.