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Clinic - 2386 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0


Holistic Spring Cleansing Retreat: Fri, Mar 16, 5pm ~ Sun, Mar 18, 2:30pm

Must RSVP to the clinic,
613-839-1198, by March 12th! Space is limited.

Cost: $235/person  $450/couple (must pay before Mar 12th!

Simple overnight accommodations available, or participants can commute.

What is holistic cleansing & why should I do one?

It is cleansing & detoxing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, energetic and soul.  We will explore the theory and experience tools for purifying ourselves in all of these areas gently, slowly and according to our body types, lifestyles, stress levels and current health.

Everyone is welcome, no matter what your background or knowledge about cleansing.  You can use this retreat to take your next step from wherever you are.  If you practice Lent, this is a perfect fit!

Preparation for a cleansing retreat

It is best to start gently improving one’s diet before the actual retreat in order to have the best experience.  If people want guidance on this, they  can sign up with Cindy Fleming for a food sensitivity and supplement test and suggestions on how to modify your meals and lifestyle in preparation for the retreat.  Or book with one of the naturopathic doctors at the clinic for a more in-depth assessment of how to start cleansing for your current health status.


5pm: arrive and settle in to your lodging if you are staying overnight; meet other participants over a cup of relaxing tea and unwind from the week

6pm: delicious dinner—you won’t even notice you are cleansing or that we have eliminated wheat, dairy, caffeine, animal products and refined sugar for the whole weekend!  Our retreats are renowned for their cooking

7pm: opening circle; introductions; where we are at and what we intend; identifying everyone’s body type for reference over the weekend

9pm: early bedtime opportunity

7am: cleansing the mind with simple meditations; basics you need to know to keep progressing; pitfalls to avoid; when not to meditate; supports

8am: delicious and satisfying breakfast according to your constitutional type and cleansing level

9am: one of your two theory classes on cleansing; intriguing, motivating and fun!! useful for the rest of your life. . .

10:30am: gentle movement &/or relaxation, depending on your energy level and desire; either yoga, qigong or walking in the woods

12 noon: another delicious meal and break where you can receive extra therapies like massage, craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, reiki and several other modalities which will be offered closer to that date

2:30pm: emotional cleansing with art, nature and gently tuning in to where we are blocked and learning how to release without retraumatizing ourselves

4:30pm: break to rest, receive therapies, chat or journal

6pm: a light yet satisfying dinner (by now your appetite will probably be waning as our hidden cleansing agenda takes hold!)

7pm: cleansing on an energetic level using sound and other enjoyable activities

9pm: another early bedtime if you choose to use it

7am: cleansing for the soul in ways we can all easily take part and continue at home

8am: breakfast

9am: second theory class on simple cleansing in everyday life; lots of safe and easy tools to take home and experiment with; resources for going further

10:30am: another movement session with choices

noon: our final meal together with a delicious dessert!

1pm: closing circle; often the best part of the retreat; what we learned; what we intend when we go home; further resources and support for continuing the process

2:30pm: go home and gently get ready for the work week if you are working; time to process what you have experienced without rushing