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How Do We Heal Our Families?

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor

How Do We Heal Our Families?

Modern culture seems to be against supporting healthy families.  Statistics show a steady slip of the middle class into desperate financial straits.  Looking around, too many people are struggling with physical, mental and emotional conditions resulting from the imbalances of our increasingly toxic and over-legislated world; conditions that could be easily treatable if we lived in a balanced society.

Often these troubles are hidden.  “How are you?”  “I’m fine.”  Families struggle in isolated desperation with kids at risk, addictions, poverty, family break-up, violence, abuse and illness.  Food banks and shelters are overloaded.  Crisis workers are often exhausted and numb.  The whole system seems out of control and depressing from the point of view of those who do not have the resources to get help.

Fortunately solutions are in the works.  Bright lights in the form of devoted social activists, health practitioners, philanthropists, teachers, government workers, politicians, spiritual organizations and everyday people are working hard to reclaim our communities from the ground up.

There is hope when we work together and creatively find ways to make life better for everyone.  The main ingredients are reaching out for help and having faith that we can move forward.  New healing tools are already making a big difference: for instance both EFT (www.thetappingsolution.com) and EMDR for healing trauma/PTSD are being used to help people with unbelievable stress come back to a better life against all odds.

We each have our role to play, whether large or small, and I think the most important action is to add clear, positive thoughts to the energy field we share…

Katherine Willow N.D. is a naturopathic doctor who develops retreats and educational programs for health and healing in the community.  She is running a Family Retreat by donation on Sat. June 4 at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre and a holistic kids’ camp during the month of July; www.ecowellness.com or 613-839-1198 for information and to register.