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Introduction to Relational Clearing

Introduction to Relational Clearing
June 13th, 7-9pm

This free introduction to Relational Clearing is being presented to the
Carp Reiki Community at the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre. All are
welcome to attend.

• Discover how hidden connections to other people, events and
ancestors are weighing you down.

• Personally experience Relational Clearing to powerfully shift
away the effects of ancestral lines, negative relationships, and
challenging events of life.

• Learn a technique for clearing these energies for yourself.

To Register: info@relationalclearing.com

Jean Wilmot and Dave Teed are the creators of the life changing
Relational Clearing Technique (RCT) which has helped hundreds to
leave behind life-long heavy patterns.


“I have seen a key relationship completely transform within weeks
and old patterns that had existed for 30 years completely disappear!”
Lesley Cochran-Hulcoop