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Is “energy medicine” the medicine of the future?

Book an appt. at the clinic for a Hadoscan
May 14, June 11, & July 16. Cost: $100 per diagnostic

For more info read the post below, then contact Valerie @ 613.726.2950, or book an appointment at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre (613.839.1198). You can also make enquiries by visiting www.ottawawellness.com

The clinic is checking out the benefits of the Hadoscan diagnostic tool. Developed primarily by an European researcher, the Hadoscan is based on the application of quantum theory as it relates to a person’s health. During a diagnostic session, and in conjunction with your visit to the naturopathic doctor, clients will have the opportunity to learn about the nature of existing imbalances and investigate which healing strategies will be the best to achieve better health.

This new technology falls into the category of energy medicine. Based on quantum mechanics, scientists know that every organ and cell in the human body has its own distinct energy or ‘vibration frequency’ and that this can be measured. Energy medicine, like Reiki and acupuncture, is based on the principle that illness is related to imbalances in your energy fields. It is believed that by rebalancing the fields, health can be restored.

The hadoscan first acts like a sonar device, recording the frequencies and levels of energy in different parts of the body. Those levels are then compared to a database of frequencies of an optimally healthy body and organs of men and women of various ages. The results are presented as computer generated visual display of what is happening in the body. By viewing a computer screen that shows representational images of various organs, tissues and structural components, clients can see the energetic vitality of each internal area and see where ‘energetic challenges’ exist.

The hadoscan recognizes that health problems are not necessarily caused by malfunctioning organs but are due to imbalances from various “stressors”. Stressors could be emotional or psychological, but they could also be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, unbalanced tissue, pollutants etc.

The hadoscan doesn’t “cure” health problems, and makes no explicit or implied medical claims; it does not diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition and does not replace the medical care of a licensed physician or other health care provider.

However, if disturbances can be found before illness progresses, and an organ is then energetically boosted, any illness or disease should be easier to suppress. Hadoscan’s totally non-invasive technology can provide a powerful foundation for an information-based system of Integrative Health care.