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It’s finally a sunny and warm day…

It’s finally a sunny and warm day and I will get in a few minutes of writing before heading out to pick up grandson Felix from the bus stop.  It’s a ritual he no longer needs, being a big boy in grade two now, but both of us wouldn’t miss it.

Earlier today I went for a healing session with Jean Wilmot and David Teed near Almonte, a lovely country drive for me.  They offer a treatment they call Relational Clearing whereby they together clear negative energies from a person’s field which may have come from other family members, ancestors or sources such as traumatic events that might be difficult for the average person to access on their own.

This is my second session.  During the first one I explained that I have a blocked heart and that I wanted to open it especially for the sake of my adult children, who suffered—and still suffer deeply from my lack of being able to nurture them.  Our relationship has been strained for years and has been a source of pain all around.

Within a week of that session, my relationship with my second born turned around 180 degrees.  Yesterday we spent a relaxed happy evening together with Felix and when they left I felt a sense of happiness and fulfillment that was delicious.

Today David and Jean worked on more of the underlying dark energy in our family, some of the “heaviest” Dave has ever felt.  This made me feel less ashamed of taking so long to be able to heal it.  When he and Jean were working on me my body twitched and jerked, I’m assuming it was releasing negativities.  It’s amazing how physical this process is.

Next day.  More beautiful sun and blue sky and it smells lovely out there.  I woke up happier and more relaxed than I have for a long time, grateful to be on this healing path with a community of gentle, loving people.  I remind myself not to get too attached to this mood that will change with all the ups and downs of life and to focus on staying present and centred with whatever happens…which means getting ready for the last naturopathic patient group this afternoon and then getting Felix at the bus stop again.