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July & August Youth Day Camps at Carp Ridge Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is offering several Daily NATURE CAMPS this summer for 3 age groups:

Camp runs 9am – 4pm daily.

Descriptions, registration forms, contact info, etc, are listed below the summaries:

1. Young Wilderness Explorers (ages 4-6) Cost: $40/day
SESSION 1: Thursdays, July 5, 12, 19 (Registration closes: July 2)
SESSION 2: Thursdays, Aug 9, 16, 23 (Registration closes: Aug 6)

2. Young Wilderness Explorers (ages 7-12) Cost: $40/day 
SESSION 1: Thursdays, July 5, 12, 19 (Registration closes: July 2)
SESSION 2: Thursdays, Aug 9, 16, 23 (Registration closes: Aug 6)

3. Wilderness Survival & Nature Interpretation (ages 7-12) Cost: 3 days/$165
SESSION 1: Wednesdays, July 4, 11, 18 (Registration closes: June 29)
SESSION 2: Wednesdays, Aug 8, 15, 22 (Registration closes: Aug 3)

4. Wilderness Survival & Nature Interpretation (ages 13-17) Cost: 3 days/$165
SESSION 1: Tuesdays, Jul 3, 10, 17 (Registration closes: June 29 )
SESSION 2: Tuesdays, Aug 7, 14, 21 (Registration closes: Aug 3)

5. Map & Compass Lost-Proofing (ages 7-12) Cost: $50
Monday, July 9 (Registration closes: July 6)

6. Map & Compass Lost-Proofing (ages 13-17) Cost: $50
Friday, Aug 10 (Registration closes: Aug 7)

7. Kayak Building (13-17) Cost: 4 days/$300
Sat & Sun, Aug 11 & 12, Aug 18 & 19 (Registration closes: Aug 3)


(Children attending camp should bring lunch & snacks, a backpack and also dress appropriately for being in the woods, including sunhats & closed footwear. They’ll also need insect repellant and/or hat nets.)

Young Wilderness Explorers: For youth wishing to explore & learn about the forest. Participants make the most of teachable moments as they unfold throughout the day. Activities vary but may include nature-lore (pond studies & wild edible plants); reading & understanding animal sign & tracks; ecology; nature art/collections; and developing a heightened awareness, including sights and sounds of the forest.

Wilderness Survival & Nature Interpretation: For youth wishing to explore wilderness survival techniques (traditional methods), tracking, and nature-lore. Course is skills-based and offers an excellent start towards learning much about what the wilderness can provide. Students will develop skills and knowledge that are all but lost among modern adventurers. Survival skills include: shelters; starting fires without matches; finding safe drinking water; wayfinding; clothing; map & compass and other lost-proofing techniques; and many other bushcrafts that supplement nature outings. Nature-lore may include the study of wild edible plants; reading & understanding animal sign and tracks; ecology; and developing a heightened awareness, including sights and sounds of the forest.

Map & Compass Lost-Proofing: Teaching students to keep track of the wilderness through various way-finding techniques. Making use of the landscape & surroundings can offer many clues to direction and help one’s confidence. Map & compass skills vary with the age group, but work towards tougher skills like triangulation. This is a busy day that combines theory with practical application.

Kayak Building: A small group of students join together to make the frame of one traditional Arctic Kayak (prior to the point of being skinned). Simple hand-tools will be used to assemble the craft. The traditional Arctic Kayak has no steel screws or fasteners -– all joints are floating and tied. They are very light-weight and extremely fast. Various arctic artifacts will be shown (including a completed kayak). Note: students do not take home a boat. Rather, they learn the skills of making a traditional craft together. Read more about boat-making and see photo: www.wildernessrhythms.com/courses/course-kayak-or-bow-building

(some camps may be cancelled if we don’t get a minimum number of registrants)

For more info call 613-839-1179 or email info@carpridgelearningcentre.ca

Participants meet up daily in the parking lot of Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre
2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Carp.

NOTE: The Learning Centre is closed for summer break from Mon, July 23rd through Fri, Aug 3rd.