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Maureen Moore, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Coach, B.Business

Maureen combines her past experience as a healthcare professional with a holistic approach to health and wellness. After yrs. of living in different communities and cultures it is her sincere wish to help her clients through personal change using her professional training in hypnosis and coaching. The focus is to help each client identify core issues such as stress, fear, addiction, weight management or life challenges in a program tailored to them.
In a safe and calm environment you will be listened to with kindness and compassion. Using coaching and a progressive relaxation you will be guided to overcome obstacles on your path to physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Maureen holds a Bachelor’s in Business and Management, Certificates in Coaching and Hypnosis and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is specialized in Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis with one of the most leading experts in the field, as well as Alcohol Moderation and Sales/Marketing performance. Her goal is to support clients on their path to success.

What is Hypnosis?
This is often the first question I am asked by a client. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation induced by the hypnotist that narrows the focus of concentration and the general feeling of relaxation that leads to a state of suggestibility. I liken it to the feeling that you have just before you fall asleep. You are aware of what is transpiring and can stop it at any time but when you are in a state of deep relaxation the hypnosis allows the client to focus the concentration on the area he or she wishes to address. You may feel heightened calm, awareness and increasing of the senses. In this state you will increase your suggestibility and capacity to learn greatly. I will use a progressive relaxation to help your personal growth and healing. This is both safe and natural and the goal is to help you identify and approach your areas of concern in the gentlest way possible. Read below to see how I can help you!

I recently trained with the renowned Sheila Granger, one of the top hypnotherapists in the U.K. I chose her because she has a proven track record with thousands of clients, a proven success rate and works in many areas of health and wellness, alongside professionals in both medicine and wellness where her techniques are respected for their effectiveness. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be offering my special training above and beyond my hypnosis certification to you in the following areas:

Virtual Gastric Band:
Ever want the results but fear the surgery? Not a good risk? Virtual Gastric Band is taking the world by storm. I have been walking the talk, doing it myself. It works! Once you are in the state of hypnosis very specific suggestions and training come into effect to have the effect of creating a smaller stomach in the virtual sense. This is not a diet and there is no gimmick. After four to six sessions you will be eating three small meals a day. You will have the option of additional coaching to keep you on track!

Alcohol Moderation:
Sometimes that after work habit, out with the friends. or freedom of retirement catches up with us. You enjoy that glass of wine or beer but lately one just leads to another and you want to cut back. You can do it with hypnosis! There is no judgement, you don’t have to give up enjoyment of a beverage, but you can enjoy one or two and leave the rest alone. I worked in addictions in my career and I am here to help! Just ask and your confidentiality is always of the utmost importance.

Sales and Marketing:
You have quotas to meet. You want to reach a goal. It can be nerve-wracking. The best approach is a combination of coaching and hypnosis. Let’s set the goals together, include hypnosis because believing you can do it is how it happens. If you need a couple of days to destress, come to the centre, book yourself into a cabin or the bed and breakfast. Let’s walk the trails and talk. Be out in nature and clear your mind. You can opt for four sessions or do a retreat. Let’s tailor that to you and your goals.

Stress Detox:
Are you a stressed executive? Perhaps a caregiver? A busy mom ? Come on out and learn how to destress. Pick a few hours, or a few days and breath the air and the scenery in. Let’s talk. Let’s identify your sources of fear, stress and overload. Then we can incorporate the coaching and or hypnosis and offer a hand up in your journey.

Sick of paying for those cigarettes? Want to quit? Your health is a concern? Well hypnosis can help. Consider the cost of cigarettes versus the long-term benefits of hypnosis and give me a call.

Does fear of social situations, public speaking, new environments cause disruption in your life? Talk with me and we will see what hypnosis can do to help you through it. This can be done in conjunction with approval from your physician or psychotherapist if necessary.
There are no limits to the ways hypnosis can help. I am here to walk you through your individual concerns so please don’t hesitate to ask. Confidentiality assured.

Rates: I offer my intake session free. This is usually 45 min. to an hr. and can be done by phone if desired. Depending on the issue, most hypnosis sessions consist of four to six sessions. The four session program is 600 dollars and if additional sessions are needed I will charge a reduced rate of 125 dollars per session. You may choose to have coaching as well, which is generally one hundred dollars an hour for additional service. There will be some coaching included prior to each hypnosis session to track your progress.
You may opt for an executive or one on one package for my services over a weekend or a matter of days and we can work out a rate that will be agreeable. If there is a need for an intensive weekend retreat it will be for approximately four hours each day at the rate of 600 dollars. The rest of the time you will have the opportunity to relax in nature, hike and have time for your own reflection.
I provide a disclaimer at the intake session and we will discuss that by phone or in person. I look forward to working with you and the team at Carp Ridge Eco Wellness Centre.