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Politically Correct Thoughts on Vaccination

Blog post by: Katherine Willow

Before commencing with this blog, I’d like to clarify that we naturopathic doctors are discouraged by our regulatory board from expressing controversial opinions about vaccination in our professional capacity.  I whole-heartedly support this guideline, realizing that the topic is so heated these days, it could create unnecessary problems for a profession that is still finding its feet amongst the other regulated health professions.  Patients also benefit when their health care providers can stay calm and balanced.

When patients come to me for advice about vaccinations, they are often concerned about the possibility of harm, usually for their children.  I then refer them to resources they can study to make up their own minds about whether to vaccinate or not, or to find a compromise, ie having partial vaccination and/or using homeopathic remedies.

With the Covid-19 situation and mandatory vaccination being promoted by governments and the health industry, there are questions arising about how a vaccine can be safe without years of testing.  For current research and commentary, one source that I recommend, whether you are for or against vaccination, is the non-profit organization Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC).  They have been giving clear, well-researched presentations that are saved on their website, www.vaccinechoicecanada.com.

Based on this research they are mounting a constitutional challenge against mandatory vaccination that you can support if you agree with this approach.  I maintain that it’s not controversial to say that no matter what one believes, that people should have a choice.

It appears that Quebec has laws that allow for mandatory vaccination. This is from legisquebec.gouv.qc.ca:

  1. If a person fails to submit to a vaccination ordered under section 123, a judge of the Court of Quebec or of the municipal courts of the cities of Montreal, Laval or Quebec having jurisdiction in the locality where the person is to be found may order the person to submit to the vaccination.

In addition, the judge may, if satisfied on reasonable grounds that the person will not submit to the vaccination and if of the opinion that the protection of the public health warrants it, order that the person be taken to a specific placed to be vaccinated.

There are records of millions of dollars of compensation given to families by vaccine manufacturers, so vaccine injury is a reality.  This is not my opinion but recorded fact, which leads me to support choice.

VCC has an online bookstore where you can further educate yourself.  It is a very interesting process, to say the least, and I recommend that you do your best to keep from overheating—no matter which side you are on!

Wishing you well,

Katherine Willow N.D.