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Practitioner Referrals

Emotional Healing and Coaching

With Lisa Kopil

Emotional healing is a process where you learn to turn your awareness inside to find the root causes that can get in the way of having a healthy, balanced and happy life.

Sometimes that can mean finding and releasing negative or buried emotions.  Sometimes it’s about resolving old traumas from the past.  It can be about discovering and transforming limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the same pattern.  It can also involve gaining insight or shifting your perspective and perceptions that can alter the meaning you give to your experiences in life.  It may be about forgiveness or a deeper understanding of who you really are.  But all the answers to emotional healing come from within, from connecting to your own inner wisdom.

Emotional health is connected to our physical one.  The mind-body connection and emotional healing are an integral piece to a holistic approach to your health.

Yoga and Meditation Coaching

With Ruth Li

Are you ready to live fully and vibrantly?  Do you want relaxation, transformation or healing?  Are you looking to be present with yourself, your loved ones and your daily activities? 

Well, yoga and meditation can help you!  These tools support a deeper connection to who you are and to your life, both inside and out.  They can also be applied to difficult areas with great success.  Repeated patterns and difficult emotions are usually signals that there is something asking for your fuller attention.  Oftentimes, by acknowledging the patterns with openness and acceptance, they begin to release.  Sometimes, more investigation is required.  

A skillful guide can create an environment that is non-judgemental, supportive and kind so that together, you can get to the heart of areas that have been hard to reach.  Ruth will gently guide you to discover limiting stories, beliefs and emotions that hold you back.  By bringing awareness to these areas and using appropriate tools, space can be created to see things from a new perspective.  This is where the transformation happens!


Lisa Kopil – Transformational and Emotional Life Coach

Lisa will help you learn to focus inward so you can start to understand, navigate and transform your inner world by:

– Giving you information on how your unconscious mind can affect you and your life

– Sharing techniques or processes that you can use at home

– Being there as a guide and facilitator to help you get to the places where your wisdom and insight lies

– BeIng the coach who can help you work thought the challenging parts of inner healing

In the past 30 years Lisa has accumulated knowledge and experience centred around emotional healing, relationship challenges, limiting beliefs, resolving past trauma which can affect your health and quality of life.  She uses a variety of techniques, modalites and skills that can help you move forward into the life you choose to create.

She offers one on one sessions (in person or online).

Please contact Lisa directly at lisa@tapforlife.com to schedule a session or to let her know you will be attending a drop in.

Ruth Li – Yoga Instructor and Meditation Coach

Ruth deeply enjoys helping people with: 

– learning the basics of yoga and meditation 

– being at ease with difficult emotions such as stress, anxiety or fear

– welcoming change into their life, and

– exploring who they are in the deepest sense

She has completed several 10-day silent meditation retreats including her first one in India in 2016 as well as her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre in 2017.  In March 2022, she will complete her 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course created by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

She offers (both in-person and online): weekly meditation classes (online only), one-on-one sessions, yoga and meditation retreats, forest walks, courses and workshops. 

Please contact Ruth directly at ruthie85@msn.com to schedule a session or book online at https://meditatewithruth.wixsite.com/awaken 

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