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Raising children for a life worth living

by Sandra Heron

Editor’s note: Sandra keeps a blog at sandraheron.wordpress.com

On Sat, Jan. 16, 2010 I will be facilitating a program experience entitled, “Raising Children for a Life Worth Living.”  If you are or know someone who has small children and is still ‘shell-shocked’, this is an opportunity to see parenting differently.  An intimate discussion that goes beyond, lists, rewards and functioning in the coma of habituation.  The opportunity to know who you are and what you want.  The cost for the pilot is $95.00 for the day, and then I will be taking it on the road for $395.00.  Please call for more information and details 613-839-2601.

This program experience will be an intimate gathering of women. We will come together for one day, stepping out of our lives with the intent of stepping back in, seeing ourSelves and our children differently. If you are a woman who has stood in the parenting section of your bookstore wondering which book to read next that will have the answers, this is the workshop for you.

Throughout this day you will have the opportunity to let the answers in you rise up and to “pay attention.” This program is based on the WEL-Systems(TM) Inc. As there are many different ways to see the world, this is a different paradigm. A way of walking through this world honouring, as stated by Louise LeBrun so simply, “(I) see what I see, hear what I hear and know what I know.”

Based on this material and bringing what I know, I create a profoundly intimate, safe space which provides you the opportunity to come alive to yourSelf. If you are new to this way of walking through your world or long in the tooth, bring who you are now and get more. This workshop will be facilitated by me, Sandy Heron. With an undergraduate degree in Child Studies and a Master’s in Adult Learning, I realized early in my child’s life that I was in danger of parenting my child the same way my parents had parented me. Not judging this a good or bad AND, yet I knew more.

I knew that I had to come out of my coma and become more alive if my child was to have any chance of a life worth living. We can raise our children, without any input or awareness other than guilt and disappointment or we can pull ourSelves up to the table, get honest with our experience with: ourselves, our parents, our pregnancy, their birth and our experience with parenting. Join me in Ottawa on January 16 from 9-4 pm. Call 613-839-2601 to register.