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Kristine Karpinski

Kristine Karpinski

Registered Massage Therapist, Somatic Movement Educator, Sound & Energy Healing Practitioner.

Sometimes our body sends us messages – tight shoulders, clenched jaw, worried thinking, unhappy feet, restless sleep, anxious breathing, numbness, and so on.  Often, these discomforts are compensation patterns.  We’ve all been through various injuries, traumas, stressors, fixations, challenges, etc..  Compensation patterns are one way our body ‘gets through stuff’.  They are likely necessary at the time they develop – but soon become habit, long after they’re needed, and then eventually what served us, becomes a limitation.

Kris is skilled at noticing and tracking these patterns in posture, movement, breath, tissue nature, fluid rhythms and perceptual states.  Awareness is the key to encouraging change, releasing compensation and discovering a more comfortable way.

All sessions are framed in the context of Somatic Awareness; getting curious about the language of the body and noticing what patterns are apparent and desire attention.

Session Options:

Hours: Monday to Friday

Book online or call 613-839-1198 to book

90 min – $140
60 min – $100
(please inquire about shorter or longer duration options)

Kris has been in full-time private practice and teaching for over 30 years.   In that time, she has collectively trained in and taught various healing modalities, body centred therapies and movement methods.  She holds master-level certifications in many methods of Bodywork, Yoga, Conscious Dance, Somatic Movement, Energy Healing, Doula Care, Natural Health, Sound Healing, Nature Therapies and Wisdom Traditions.  She is a life-long, avid learner with a curious and joyful spirit!

Massage Therapy

Also known as Swedish massage, massage therapy uses various techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body in order to release tension.  Kris works with both deep tissue and subtle  techniques, as appropriate, with an overall aim to bring the body into a relaxed, receptive state, in order to support change in non-beneficial patterning. Massage therapy can support recovery from injury or strain, and also be used as a restorative method to help support the relief of anxiety and stress, and promote general wellness.

Thai Yoga Massage

This hands-on session is great for folks who love yoga, or have always wanted to try yoga. It’s like experiencing a yoga practice without the work of having to do it.  It combines breath awareness, passive stretching and compression of the muscles, activating soft tissue response, energy (meridian) lines and fascial pathways in the body.  Clients wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow for easeful movement, and relax on a cushioned floor mat. This combination of movement and massage encourages a sense of wholeness, increased energy, flexibility and balance within the body.

Self-Care Support

Our body sends us messages by giving us physical sensations.  These sensations are clues to how we’re holding tension, stress, and past & present experiences within our body.  We chat about what patterns are showing up, and come up with strategies and activities that can help you, including breath sequences, movement practices, and other self-care techniques.  Somatic awareness supports resilience and adaptability, and can be beneficial in helping release these tendencies of holding.

Sound & Energy Healing

For those interested in a more fine-tuned experience, energy healing can be an in-person or distance-based experience.  Energy knows no bounds – intention and vibration can go the distance.  Deep presence and advanced consciousness practices, along with a variety of subtle energy techniques, aim to address physical, energetic and spiritual realms of healing.  Sound healing, biodynamic techniques, chakra balancing, and shamanic wisdom practices are often a part the session.  Energy Work can be a catalyst, that encourages the body’s own wisdom to activate towards healing states.  (A detailed report follows every distant healing session.)

Collaborative Care Assessment

Designed to support your work with Katherine Willow, ND, and your team of practitioners here at EcoWellness, a collaborative care assessment allows the opportunity to check-in with your body on three levels: Biomechanical (structure and function), Somatic (patterning) and Energetic (subtle rhythms). Conversation, awareness-based inquiry, and hands-on treatment all contribute to the assessment process and help support discovery of what may be contributing to your over-all picture of wellness challenges. Observations will be

shared with your collaborative care team members, and referrals, self-care practices, and the option of ongoing treatments may be recommended.