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At Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, we offer a variety of forest, meditative and healing retreats throughout the year.

Current Offerings

Silent Retreat: Shine Your Light!

Date: Sunday, March 19th, 2023

Time: 9am-3pm

Cost: $120 + HST

Venue: Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre in the Learning Centre 

Address: 2386 Thomas Dolan Pkwy, Carp K0A 1L0

Participants: 10

Tired of starting your day with a peaceful meditation only to find yourself overreacting an hour later?  Want to make a real impact in the world but feel stuck in the story of “not good enough”?  If so, join us! 


Noble silence is an ancient form of practice that connects us to who we really are and what we truly desire.  Root into presence and move through doubt, worry and fear with greater ease and clarity.  Tap into your inner knowing and gain the confidence to move boldly forward.  Awaken to your unique light and see how this transforms everything! 


Our time together will begin with instructions and teachings.  We will explore tried-and-true practices such as yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, mindful activities and more.  We will end our day with reflection, sharing and integration.


Who this is for:

If you experience the power of presence and want to integrate this into your day-to-day living in order to transform it, then this retreat is for you.  If you have discovered your life’s calling and are ready to step into it, then this retreat is for you.  If you want to receive insight on what is holding you back, what your gifts are or who you are at the core, then this retreat is also for you!


What you can expect:

To be welcomed into a gentle, supportive and loving space that has been designed to:

  • Awaken your higher state of consciousness by moving through limiting beliefs and then beyond them.  
  • Connect you to the wisdom that already lives within you.  
  • Transform your pain into peace, presence and growth. 



Bring your own lunch and props.  Pre-registration is required and spots are limited.  After registration, you will receive an email from Ruth Li at ruthie85@msn.com with additional instructions.  Please add this email and contact her if you have not received an email.  Share this gift of transformation by sharing this event with a loved one or by purchasing a gift card!



– Guided group meditation

– Gentle and restorative yoga

– In-person teaching and support

– Like-minded community and group energy

– Personal time to rest, relax and be in silence

– Access to walking trails in the forest (weather permitting)

– Take-home practice to integrate the retreat




“I was feeling the call to go inward at this time so this retreat was the perfect timing for me.  I loved the contemplation of the question during restorative yoga and the silent walk in the woods.” 


“I never noticed how much energy and attention is spent on eye contact and body language before.  The retreat day was exactly what I needed.  I also enjoyed the cozy space at EcoWellness.”


“A beautiful, peaceful day filled with gentle movement, guided practices for self-awareness and space for knowing oneself better.  Thank you, Ruth, for your gentle presence!”






Ruth Li has been deeply transformed by stillness and presence and is called to share this with others.  In 2015, she left her full-time job in accounting because she was stressed, burnt out and totally miserable.  Within a year, she booked a one-way ticket to India where she attended her first Insight Meditation Retreat.  In those moments of silence, she discovered what she had been looking for all along:  a place to always come back to.  A place to always call “HOME”.  This was her calling.

As she transitioned, many roadblocks came:  Where do I begin?  I am no expert!  How can I be financially supported?  I can’t do this, I am so awkward and anxious!

These challenging thoughts invited Ruth to go inwards to really connect with her deeper self.  In that place, she accessed her inner resources of wisdom, peace, love and freedom.  Ruth now meets challenges with kindness and an excitement to grow.

She has completed several 10-day silent meditation retreats, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, Breakthrough Coaching and Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training.  She is ready to serve!

The Chrysalis Circle: a gathering to evolve and come home into who we are meant to be.

Hosts: Randi Mickelwright and Jada MacLeod

Date: Saturday, April 1st 10am – 4pm

Cost: $135 + HST

Venue: Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre in the Learning Centre 

Address: 2386 Thomas Dolan Pkwy, Carp K0A 1L0

Food: Bring your own lunch, water, snacks and tea provided.

The constant humm of our daily lives can increase its intensity to a point where we feel out of sync with our true selves. When our senses are heightened and we find ourselves always looking for what could go wrong, or what is the next problem I will need to solve, it’s hard to be still, calm and connected to ourselves.

Has life been putting you through the paces and you just desperately need a chance to catch your breath, connect back to yourself and what you really want?

It’s easy to get caught up in the pace of things around us. Aspects of our lives can move quickly and before we know it, we are going faster than we want and in a direction that doesn’t feel meaningful to us.

Join Dr. Jada MacLeod ND and Randi Micklewright, psychotherapist and nature therapist, for a full-day immersion into yourself and into the stillness of the woods.

Our day will be begin in the warm and cozy Learning Centre. We will me in circle to connect us to the earth and our group, we will move through group energy healing journeys, opportunities to listen deeply to ourselves and our heart’s whispers. Your nervous system will begin to calm and connect back into yourself.

After lunch we will move outside, to experience nature in a therapeutic and nourishing way. There will be guided experiences, sharing and checking in to ensure you are getting what you need from the day.

We will gather once again in circle by the warmth of the fire to integrate the healing and lessons and growth from the day.

If you have any questions about the retreat, please feel free to contact the clinic!

February 11th 10am-4pm

Personal Retreats ( 1-Day)

You will have a space to yourself with an available bathroom and access to a fridge.  Feel free to walk the trails, including our forest labyrinth, and book our other services in the clinic or at the BnB (ie. the sauna).  From 9am – 4pm. 


  • Private room or cabin
  • Access to walking trails
  • Other services available 

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