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At Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, we offer a variety of forest, meditative and healing retreats throughout the year.

Current Offerings

Resting in Presence: Mindfulness Retreat

Date: Saturday, December 9th 

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, 2386 Thomas A Dolan Pkwy

Energetic exchange: $135 + HST, bring your lunch

# participants: 12

Deep rest is a radical act that requires skill.  

It’s not as simple as taking a break, listening to soothing music, going on vacation or observing your breath. It’s a conscious practice that supports your overall wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental and more. Deep rest is not a luxury, it’s an essential part of taking good care of yourself. It allows your system to heal and repair, it develops clarity so that actions are aligned and meaningful, and it allows you to show up more fully to the people you love and serve. Higher productivity in the long run comes from skillfully resting, so here’s an opportunity to finally let go of the grind hard culture.

Even though deep rest has its many benefits, it’s difficult to slow down and relax. This is because the mind is still busy: thinking, thinking, thinking.

Does this resonate? If so, this is where the retreat comes in. 

You’re invited to tap into the restful quality that mindfulness offers. When you rest in presence, you rest in the here and now, and you rest in who you truly are. This creates radical self-acceptance: knowing that you are enough exactly as you are IN this moment. Not some future moment, but this moment right here. This realization changes everything.  

Our time together will be designed to support you in settling your inner system, tuning into your own inner stillness and embracing the wisdom that arises from retreat practice. We explore calming practices such as mindfulness meditation, yoga and gentle reflection. Noble silence will be honored during our time together, which is an ancient form of practice that connects us to our deeper sense of purpose and belonging. It also cultivates transformative simplicity: seeing the truth directly and aligning ourselves accordingly. We will end our day with reflection, sharing and integration.  

This is your opportunity to take a day out of the city, to enjoy the beautiful country drive and to drop into this nourishing event around a cozy wood stove fire 🔥. A great way to start off the holiday season. Please share this gift of transformation by sharing this event with a loved one or by purchasing a gift card! 


Energetic exchange: $135 + HST, bring your own lunch and props. All are welcome! Registration is required and spots are limited. After registration, you will receive an email from Ruth Li at ruthie85@msn.com with additional instructions. Please add this email to your Safe Senders list in your email account, and please contact her if you have not received an email after completing registration. Share this gift of transformation by sharing this event with a loved one or by purchasing a gift card! 


This retreat is for you if:

✔️ You feel like you’re running on empty. Even though you’re going through the motions of your day, it feels like you’re treading through mud.

✔️ You hold stress and tension in the body. You catch yourself holding your breath, hiking up your shoulders and clenching your jaw. Over time, this stress accumulates and you may experience an aching back, sore muscles and even chronic pain. 

✔️ You feel the change of seasons. Less sunlight and colder temperatures affects your state of mind, and you find yourself dreading winter every year.  

✔️ You want to take good care of yourself. You recognize the importance of filling your own cup and notice the benefits of living from a place of wholeness, balance and flowing energy.


  1. Invite yourself to relax so that you feel resourced when accomplishing your goals. 
  2. Settle your nervous system so that you can release the patterns of tension and stress. 
  3. Embrace the changing of seasons and the constant changes of life. Knowing that whatever happens, you can meet it with grace, ease and equanimity using your mindfulness tool kit. 
  4. Include self-care into your daily routine so that you can experience life from a place of energy, balance and ease. 


🧘‍♀️ Guided group meditation

🌿 Gentle and restorative yoga

🤝 In-person teaching and support

📞 Complimentary 30-min Integration Call to support you after retreat

🌟 Like-minded community and group energy to foster a deeper sense of belonging and connection

🌙 Personal time to rest, relax and be in silence




⭐ “The mix of gentle movement and meditation was perfect and made time appear to pass quickly and with purpose. Ruth’s instructions were clear and thoughtful. I feel so much more positive about what I felt like are serious challenges in my life. I have/feel “lightened up”.” – Caroline 

⭐ “The flow of each activity allowed me to profoundly relax. It was a magical experience that showed me the power of inner connection, resting and accepting life as is by living in the present moment, by letting go of the need to control.” – Viviane 

⭐ “It is a gift to yourself to take a day and discover ways to calm your mind. Went into the day feeling a little unbalanced and went home feeling grounded.” – Cathleen 

⭐ “I can sense the vastness of the peace, ease and joy that is available to me because it is already in me just waiting for me to become aware of it.” – Kathy 

⭐ “Ruth’s energy is very soothing, welcoming and non-judgmental. It is really refreshing to have a space to practice self-compassion and to challenge myself internally.” – Yasmine 


I am a mindfulness coach and my mission is to help you develop the clarity and freedom to fully step into your deepest purpose through a mindfulness and meditative self-inquiry approach.

I do this by helping people calm their inner critic, build self-trust and cultivate an unshakeable center so that actions will arise from a place of true alignment.

I am the founder of Meditate with Ruth, offering 1:1 sessions to individuals who are ready to traverse a life transition and move into their aligned path. Training that supports my coaching are: 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Breakthrough Coaching with Sean Smith, Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training with Authentic Relating Ottawa as well as works shared by Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Mooji and Jack Kornfield.

I am a meditation teacher, guiding people to connect to their inner calm and balance. I have completed several 10-day silent Insight Meditation retreats (also known as Vipassana) including my first one in India in 2016. I now love creating a space for my clients to foster their own deep practice in community.

I am a yoga instructor, holding each class in mindful awareness and movement. In 2017, I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre. Mindfulness in motion is at the center of yoga and provides a powerful nervous system settling to support deep meditation practice. 

Personal Retreats ( 1-Day)

You will have a space to yourself with an available bathroom and access to a fridge.  Feel free to walk the trails, including our forest labyrinth, and book our other services in the clinic or at the BnB (ie. the sauna).  From 9am – 4pm. 


  • Private room or cabin
  • Access to walking trails
  • Other services available 

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