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At Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, we offer a variety of forest, meditative and healing weekend retreats throughout the year.

Upcoming Retreats:

Spring Retreat: Tap into the Power of the Mind-Body Connection!

Dates: May 1-3 2020

Facilitator: Lisa Kopil

Exploring, understanding and learning how you can use the link between your emotions and your physical body to create a balanced, healthy and joyful life.

This retreat is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how your emotions affect your body and your heath; understand the mind-body connection
  • Discover tools and techniques that you can use at home to help release and process the emotions and beliefs that lie under your problems
  • Explore the sources of your life challenges and learn how to shift the way this is held in your body
  • Experience emotional and physical release through Yoga and Tension Release Exercises
  • Tap into your creativity and expression though healing art
  • Take time to relax, listen and focus on what your mind and body are telling you
  • Enjoy cleansing, nourishing and delicious meals prepared to lighten your body and mind
  • Benefit from a weekend just for you, where you will be supported and respected on your journey

What the weekend includes:

  • All workshops, sessions, activities and materials needed from Friday 4pm until Sunday 3pm.
  • early morning meditation sessions
  • Information session on (GNM) German New Medicine (link between mind/body) with Dr. Katherine Willow
  • Yoga class focused on emotional release with Don Caldwell
  • Meridian Tapping workshop with Lisa Kopil
  • Healing Art with Lisa Kopil
  • Crystal Sound Bowl and Light Language for Emotional Release evening session with Karen Jones
  • Workshop on (EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing with Dr Marcin Padlewski
  • Tension Release Exercise Session followed by Restorative Yoga
  • All meals prepared by the Eco Wellness Center based on Ayurveda from Friday supper until Sunday lunch
  • 2 nights on-site accommodation (unless option with “No Accommodation ” is chosen)
  • Access to kilometres of trails at the Center
  • Use of infrared sauna ($)


Dr Katherine Willow – German New Medicine

Don Caldwell – Yoga (Emotional Release Focused Yoga)

Lisa Kopil – Meridian Tapping Exercise, Healing Art, Tension Release Exercises & Restorative Yoga

Dr Marcin Padlewski – Introduction to EMDR (Eye movement desensitization & reprocessing)

Karen Jones – Sound and Light Language Meditation (focused on Emotional Release)


Pricing Regular Early Bird (before April 1st 2020)
Retreat with B&B on-site accommodation (single) $575 $550
Retreat with B&B on-site accommodation (shared) $495 $470
Retreat with on-site shared Cabin, Yurt or Prospector tent (based on availability) $425 $410
Retreat Only (no accommodation) $375 $360

Retreat Schedule

For more information or to book email info@ecowellness.com or 613-839-1198

Run your own retreat at the EcoWellness Centre

Our facilities offer you inside and outside spaces – wood floor workshop room with projector, screen and speakers, woodland yurt for contemplative sessions, mowed paths for barefoot mindful walks, lawns for yoga and games, woodland trails for gentle walks or invigorating hikes, a fire pit for evening singsongs, drumming and fire ceremony and an infra-red sauna for deep relaxation. Call the office (613) 839-1198 for rental prices, meal options and add-on services. More about our facilities

Accommodations available