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Clinic - 2386 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0


Sound and Energy Healing

Energy Healing

For those interested in a more fine-tuned experience, energy healing can be an in-person or distance-based experience.  Energy knows no bounds – intention and vibration can go the distance.  Deep presence and advanced consciousness practices, along with a variety of subtle energy techniques, aim to address physical, energetic and spiritual realms of healing.  Sound healing, biodynamic techniques, chakra balancing, and shamanic wisdom practices are often a part the session.  Energy Work can be a catalyst, that encourages the body’s own wisdom to activate towards healing states.  (Available In-Person or Virtually)

Sound Healing 

Sound can be a powerful tool to increase healing potential.  Whether we’re experiencing stress and our nervous system needs soothing, or we’re finding our focus fuzzy and want support to centre ourselves, or our physical body is calling out for relaxation, or our spirit is calling out for ease … sound can be a beautiful support.  Using highly vibrational instruments that generate beneficial wave patterns, sound healing or sound therapy is a well researched modality and has many applications.  Relax into the frequency and vibration of a variety of instruments, chosen specifically with intention to support your wellness journey. (Available In-Person or Virtually)


Sound Healing Forest Therapy

Nature knows best.  Let’s take a walk.  Bring your feet to the earth and walk the path slowly with awareness, bathing in the beneficial phytochemicals of the trees and plants. Forest bathing is a well-researched practice, with proven healing potential. Accompanied by Sound Healing, and Shamanic Druid Wisdom practices, this can be a profound experience.  (Come with a friend or two, and share the cost.)


I teach and train folks in a number of modalities, healing techniques and wisdom tradition practices, with a specialized focus on sound and energy healing.  If you have an interest in having mentorship, adding a skill to your tool kit, or honing your own offering, feel free to be in touch and we can work together face-to-face or virtually to support your development of new ideas, tools and methods. (Available In-person or Virtually)


Kristine Karpinski

Kris has been in full-time private practice and teaching for over 30 years.   In that time, she has collectively trained in and taught various healing modalities, body centred therapies and movement methods.  In her youth, she suffered multiple chemical sensitivities, which prompted an exploration into alternative health approaches.  She found her way through, studying dance, drama and music and went on to study psychology and theatre in university.  She has since merged these interests to develop a great passion for somatic, holistic and expressive approaches to well being.  She holds master-level certifications in many methods of Bodywork, Yoga, Conscious Dance, Somatic Movement, Energy Healing, Doula Care, Natural Health, Sound Healing, Nature Therapies and Wisdom Traditions.  She is a life-long, avid learner with a curious and joyful spirit!

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