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Spring Purification

It’s a sunny but chilly spring morning.  I’m in the office with Lori and Tash, hoping that some of their computer talk will rub off on me while I type, laugh…

As I contemplate what to write, I’m getting a perspective on the nervous agitation that has permeated this past month.  My spiritual teacher used to say about this time of year: “People go crazy” because the change of season creates changes in us, physically, mentally and spiritually, all in the direction of purification.

But I forgot that.  These past weeks I’ve been tense, emotionally upset and running around like a head-less chicken, annoying everyone around me.  Instead of sitting quietly, coming into awareness and releasing the negative thoughts and emotions that are being dredged up in the spring clean-up, I stopped doing my meditation and avoided my feelings.  It all felt too much.  Of course it feels like a pressure-cooker if I don’t stop to let things go!  Blush.

Fast forward to a week later.

It’s another spring morning, warmer now.  I got up early and went for a walk in the woods, gathering some hepatica flowers for my perennial garden (see photo).  They are good for liver conditions, but also very pretty.  Another perennial plant that has conveniently seeded itself in the front clinic garden is coltsfoot.  (see photo)  It’s like a dandelion with a scaly stalk and no leaves—they come later.  It’s used to make cough medicine.

After the walk, a warm epsom salt bath with wild camomile essential oil for its calming effect…ahhh. (This is one of my two mornings without grandson Felix, so I can focus on self-care.)  I leave the bath water in the tub for the day to continue breathing in the lovely scent.  And then our weekly meditation to which we’ve added stretching and breathing exercises.  I feel wonderful, very different from last week.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things can change when we turn inward and face the dragon, smile.  All the stresses in my life are the same, yet I feel optimistic and relatively relaxed, keen to clean up my life and create a healthy foundation for the next chapter, a holistic college.

I’m going to cut my blog short this month, there’s so much else to write about, so many seeds to plant for the garden…hope to see you at some of our events!

may your spring detox be gentle.