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Staying Healthy through the Seasons: A monthly day retreat for 2013

by Katherine Willow ND

acornThese day retreats help carve out time to dedicate yourself to self-nurturing, awareness, healing and clarity. (NOTE: Registration info & course dates are at end of post. Gatherings are from 9-9:30am until 3:30pm on Saturdays.)

You can attend a particular month’s retreat that interests you, or come for any number of our monthly gatherings.

Join Chelsey Corrigan our resident ND, Kim (our Centre chef) and myself on a healing journey, offering thirty years of experience in the holistic field  to improve all areas of your life.

We’re running eleven gatherings of delicious relaxation, movement, Kim’s food, gentle emotional healing, creative outings in nature and spiritual practice — not only on that day, but as an ongoing process between sessions as well.

The program is covered by insurance up to the annual limit as it is run by two licenced naturopathic doctors.

Participants will be receiving individual homework which will be monitored month to month (similar to patient visits in the clinic).  There will be a maximum of 12 places available each month, prioritized for people willing to commit to the whole year.

With all that focussed energy and support, there will be change. . .

warmly, katherine

Re-connecting to self, others, nature and the sacred, in a year-long process of transformation

What you will learn in this course:

  • Healthy eating, movement and cleansing according to your body type and the season
  • Seasonal cooking classes with our popular retreat chef, Kim Trott
  • Exploring healing in nature and collecting wild herbs in every season
  • Taking time to identify emotions and beliefs
  • Learning and practicing simple healing techniques for inner issues
  • Spiritual practices to deepen connection with the sacred
  • Strategies to prevent & treat common conditions with two naturopathic doctors


  • Structure and support for making positive changes in your life
  • Homework after each class to continue the healing over the next month
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Discovering who you are more clearly
  • Better health, relaxation, stress management, emotional openness, calm thinking, connections with yourself, other people, nature and Spirit


When, Where & Who:

Classes are once a month on a Saturday from 9:30am – 3:30pm (see specific dates below) at the Learning Centre building at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre, an easy drive from Ottawa, Arnprior, Almonte, Stittsville and other local areas near West Carleton. There’s a break in August when we hold our annual retreat.

Instructors: Katherine Willow ND, Chelsey Corrigan ND, Kim Trott and guest teachers.

Course Cost: 

Each day is $120 and the whole course is $1200 plus HST (one free class!). Preregistration is required (See more below).

Testimonial: “Just wanted to check in and let you know I thought the workshop this morning was amazing. . . . No matter how many times I attend your workshops and retreats I find myself jotting notes on practically everything, so thank you for the learning opportunity.”

~ CC, Health Practitioner, Carp, ON

Holistic Philosophy

This course is based on the premise that we are more than bodies with minds and feelings and that our identities are developed through our relationships, governed by subtle energy systems and guided by a unique centre of consciousness which connects us to the sacred mystery.

Over the year we will explore our various layers and how to keep them healthy in order to optimize our energy, treat and prevent illness, heal our emotions and false beliefs, identify our gifts and learn how to be happier in Spirit. . . one step at a time.

For most people, engaging in healing practices with the support of teachers and a group will lead to growth beyond that which can happen easily in normal modern life. It is often difficult to take the time to nourish oneself in a culture where the emphasis is on getting things done and serving everyone else.

This course gives an opportunity to take your life and health back into your own hands! We can be of better service to those around us when we are thriving ourselves.
Course Dates & Highlights:

Jan 19: Setting the Foundation
Reviewing values, beliefs and plans for the year through focussing; how to eat, cook, move, sleep and cleanse in winter according to body type; essential tips for moving towards your ideal weight; symbolic yoga for inner awareness with special guest teacher; winter herb walk.

Feb 23: Healing Relationships to Self, Other & the Sacred
Basic relationship principles; yoga with a friend; optimizing sexual function & libido; late winter food & cleansing; healthy Valentine’s treats; co-counselling.

Mar 23: Coming Out of Hibernation
Early spring cleansing, body, mind & spirit; ways to boost energy; develop an exercise program for your type; sleep disorders: insomnia, nightmares, apnea, circadian rhythms.

Apr 27: Liver Issues on All Levels
Liver cleansing & maintenance; conditions related to liver: PMS, depression, irritability, hemorrhoids, menopausal symptoms, cravings, poor vision, skin problems and allergies; learning to deal with anger.

May 25: Holistic Approaches to Cancer
Natural cancer prevention; exercise for improving immune system; emotional resilience to stay healthy; mind-body meditation for pain.

Jun 22: Solstice Celebration
Mid-summer feasting; bringing out your highest gifts; digestive health: helping gas, bloating, heartburn, IBS, Crohns and ulcerative colitis.

Jul 20: Protein Demystified
Protein myths that make us sick; best vegetarian proteins; preventing & managing blood sugar disorders, hypoglycemia and diabetes & how this relates to protein; grounding your spiritual practice

Aug 30-Sep 1: Annual Retreat for All Ages
Celebrate the end of summer with nurturing and nourishing activities while doing an effortless gentle cleanse for yourself, as a couple or with the whole family! (not included in this package)

Sep 21: Improving Your Capacity
Develop a fall cleanse for your body type; natural flu prevention & treatment; stress management for the change of season; strategies to develop intuition.

Oct 19: Balancing Mood
Natural approaches to depression & anxiety for everyone; late fall cleanse to prepare for winter; strategies for healing old issues & traumas.

Nov 16: Boosting Energy for the Holidays
How to prevent & reverse adrenal burnout & hypothyroidism; restorative exercises; eating for energy; how emotions relate to energy; holistic holiday planning.

Dec 14: Spiritual Healing
How to connect deeply to self, others and the sacred in a hectic time; stress as a door to healing; healthy festive eating & recipes; healing family issues.

How to Register

Please call, mail or email reception at the clinic with the following details:

Name, address, phone number, email address and how you would like to pay (cheque, cash, debit or credit). Cost per class is $120, or $1200 for all eleven, plus HST.

613-839-1198 or reception@ecowellness.com

2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Carp, Ontario, K0A 1L0


Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre (CREWC) is the overall name for a 190 acre property on which there are several components: a naturopathic clinic; a Forest School run by a charity (Carp Ridge Learning Centre); a model Healing House with a developing training program; and a budding community based on sustainable principles with an organic garden, eco-homes and our best attempt at conservation.

The overall aim of CREWC is to teach, model and facilitate healing and sustainability for our local community. We understand that healing ourselves and our relationships leads directly to a better chance for humanity to move forward creatively.