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Stop Psychotherapy Takeover

This letter is about changes that will be in force once the new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario is proclaimed.  

Content of this Newsletter:   

Millions of Ontarians are not aware that their freedom to choose their health care treatments is about to end, even though they are paying out-of-pocket for the alternative treatments they have come to appreciate. With your help, six thousand Petition signatures can become 6 million!

These changes affect YOUR right to choice in therapy and practitioner. Only registered psychotherapists will be permitted to provide you with some 312 treatments and wellness approaches, many of them time-proven treatments such as Zen treatments, pet therapy, play therapy and even therapies such as reflexology and aroma therapy !

Check out our Newsletter November 2014 where we provide the results of more research into this matter of the takeover of the entire field of mental and emotional health and counseling by conventional lobby groups. As you will see, it is vitally important that we all act now to protect our rights to choose our own health care treatments by contributing to the legal action and adding our names to our Change.org petition.  

We know that not everyone can afford to contribute hundreds of dollars, but we believe that if everyone finds a way to contribute $10 today, fourteen million Ontarians can ensure that this kind of attack on our democracy never happens again.  Fight with us now….contribute at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca

No person who believes in democracy would ever seek to eliminate other people’s democratic rights so blatantly and arrogantly. This action against Ontarians should be a red flag for those currently under treatment or considering treatment by psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Fourteen million Ontarians will be told who and what therapy they can have if this takeover is permitted.

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Our every normal human reaction to life’s bumps and bruises will be ‘diagnosed’ and we will be treated as though we are all flawed if this legislation is permitted to stand. Most alternative therapies, including pet and play therapy, Zen, dietary supplements and organic therapies have recently been defined as ‘psychotherapeutic techniques’ in their Dictionary of Clinical Psychology in order to facilitate this takeover.

Few Canadians have experienced anything but freedom…freedom to speak to whomever, wherever, whenever. But now, over 14 Million Ontarians are losing their freedom to choose their own health care and some 10,000 practitioners, mostly women, will be deprived of their livelihood (source: Statistics Canada). The essential aspect of their work (treatments), have been made a controlled act to be undertaken by a select few!

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. ~Voltaire

It is an absurdity that anyone should for a second believe they are entitled to remove our freedoms and tell us who we should talk to about our issues in life; it is an atrocity if we sink into apathy and allow it to happen!

With your generous contributions to the legal fund set up at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca we can continue the fight to preserve our rights. We are striving to raise $80,000 by the new year. We must obtain either a total repeal of this legislation or the addition of amendments to ensure that all practitioners can continue to offer the public their treatments without fear of prosecution. It will help ensure the public continues to have many options, including those without life-long labels and drugs.

Most would agree that the state shouldn’t be allowed into the bedrooms of a nation. Why on earth would we allow them into our heads—or to restrict our health care options?

If we give in to ANY demand to accept reduced freedoms, we are signing away the democratic rights that millions before us died to preserve.

We are experiencing systematic, institutionalized democracy-dismantling actions in full sight of the very elected officials tasked with protecting them. We must stand firm against this…with our letters, our calls and our dollars.

The Entitlement Disorder

Psychologists and psychotherapists believe they are entitled to micro-manage Ontarians’ lives and to deprive some 10,000 Ontario holistic, alternative and spiritual practitioners of their livelihood.  

Allowing the public choice, especially when it is paid for out-of-pocket, results in loss of profit for the lobby groups and drug companies.  Learn More at our Newsletter November 2014.

The fact that millions are no longer buying into the ‘you’re mentally ill, here is a pill and a label” narrative, is scaring these lobby groups into using undemocratic legislative force against us all:

WHY? Follow the money!

Sobering statistics listed in our November Newsletter 2014, show that psychotherapists and psychologists pretty much have no choice now but to resort to elimination of their competition by legislation. And we have no choice but to stop them if we want to remain free!

In 2005-2006 (9 years ago already), at the same time medical/pharmaceutical lobby groups started to position themselves to ‘regulate’ alternative and holistic practitioners, Canadians spent more than $5.6 billion out-of- pocket on visits to providers of alternative medicine, compared to nearly $2.8 billion in 1997. This represents a doubling of preference for alternative and complementary treatments in less than 10 years.

Alternative and holistic therapies are out-of-pocket expenditures, saving the health care system billions of dollars annually.  See more important facts at Newsletter November 2014.

Efficacy and risk of conventional vs alternatives

(see website for sources and more important information)

Did you know that:

Physicians are more than twice as likely as the general population to commit suicide and psychiatrists commit suicide at twice the rate of general physicians.

1 in 4 psychologists consider suicide at least once and 1 in 16 have attempted at least one time to kill themselves.

Of the physicians who committed suicide, 42% had been seeing a conventional mental health professional at the time of death, underscoring the fact that removing safe, effective, dignified, empathic holistic therapies from the pallet of health care choices for the troubled client is seriously unwise, unjust and is tantamount to a death sentence for many.

There is no history of harm done by any alternative treatment.

With Statistics like this, it is scary to think what awaits us if these lobby groups are permitted to tell us how to look after our health!

The Situation Facing Ontario Residents Right Now

Thousands of alternative and holistic practitioners are unaware that the Dictionary of Clinical Psychology (2013 ed.) lists 312 treatments as psychotherapeutic techniques, with most if not all alternative and holistic treatments now found on that list. Because psychotherapeutic techniques are now a controlled act, your favorite practitioner is likely to be eliminated.

The new College of Registered Psychotherapists is talking in circles, using intentionally ambiguous or misleading statements such as “We will not regulate holistic and alternative practitioners AS LONG as they don’t engage in the controlled act”, knowing full well that without the ability to treat, no practitioner can offer their services for long.

While they refuse to define important terms such as ‘psychotherapeutic techniques’, in the background and undisclosed to the public, they have manufactured a definition of ‘psychotherapeutic techniques’ that has now grown to include 312 treatments of all sorts.  Most of your favorites are now on that list to be regulated by those who have never believed in them in the first place.

This legislation together with this new edition of the Dictionary of Clinical Psychotherapy are backhanded, truly deceitful ways of ‘regulating’ alternative and holistic practitioners out of work.

Meanwhile, the College has ignored legal letters criticizing the violation of rights and misrepresentations.

There are no subcategories of ‘registered psychotherapists’, therefore people seeking spiritual care will increasingly and inevitably be treated by ‘registered psychotherapists’ in spiritual care disguise. This is not being disclosed to the client.

All Ontarians should now be demanding full disclosure from their spiritual care practitioners and reconsidering their choices if their practitioner has joined this College. Few of us would knowingly choose to be associated with any group who is involved in the dismantling of our rights and freedoms.

The College will have the authority to arbitrarily prohibit ANYONE who is not a member of the College from using any techniques they alone decide are psychotherapeutic techniques, thereby preventing practitioners from speaking freely to their clients about human issues including, for example:
• stress
• anxiety and worry
• depression
• grief
• addictions
• trauma and sexual abuse

The College will have the authority to fully gag anyone from speaking to and treating any Ontario resident about their issues. Only one way of treating will be permitted and that is by the diagnostic/medical model that psychologists and psychiatrists use.

Please contribute generously to the effort to keep you free by donating at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca. Donations at the petition site do not reach us…they go to Change.org.


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For more detailed info and more options to contribute to this pushback against undemocratic takeover of the field of counseling and therapy by psychotherapists,  click here Stop Psychotherapy Takeover


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