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Summer Fullness

It’s an early Friday morning before Felix and Sheryl are in the kitchen.  Sunlight is gradually entering the garden, warming the chilled air and promising another glorious July day.  It’s been a hectic week and I pause to quiet my mind into writing mode with some tea.

The hectic is about preparing to re-open the centre this fall, organizing my home, juggling activities for Felix and his friends and the usual summer socializing before crawling back into my work cocoon in the fall.  I’m struggling to keep my balance, planning little breathing breaks which I then forget to do, ending my days so tired I can barely talk!  But I know that I’m not alone in trying to cram as much living as possible into these precious sun-filled days.  And once the centre is running smoothly and Felix is older, my summers can be quieter.  In the meantime, I learn to enjoy the ride, remembering that summer is a time to be out.

Ottawa-20150706-02045 (2)Part of the ride has been the holistic children’s program.  Last week five children, three teenage girls and myself roamed the woods and fields in search of edible and medicinal plants which we then processed over the campfire we built next to the yurt.  We began our days with meditation and smudging, made art out of nature, marvelled at wildlife and created a water slide to cool off.  At the end of the week we invited parents and friends to a presentation (and taste) of things we made and a song the children composed.  It was totally wonderful and we plan to do this more formally next summer.  Check out the slide show that Lori put together with our photos. Carp Ridge Holistic Camp July 2015

In the middle of all this activity, I received a short email: time to talk.  It was my sister.  With not a little trepidation on both sides we bridged our recent estrangement with a catch up phone conversation and agreed to put aside the deeper issues between us until we were ready.  The best part is that she is doing extremely well again, even in the middle of her next phase of chemo, able to go to the gym, ride a bike and handle everyday living.  As painful as it was, I’m hoping that our break will lead to a better and deeper relationship in the long run.  Oh the joys of family dynamics!

Having said that, Felix and I are getting ready to visit my brother and his two girls, in B.C.  More family with long talks into the night and watching the young people build relationships that will hopefully provide nurturing as they encounter the inevitable family dysfunctions working their way through the generations towards healing.

Later.  The sky is clouding.  Breakfast is over, Felix is outside riding his bike while waiting for a friend and rushes in to bring me a black stone with fossils and a pine cone that get added to the collection on the window sill.  I have lit a candle with soft music in the background to prepare for a day of renewing the centre website amidst countless interruptions.  Maybe I’ll remember to take my breathing breaks, smile…

wishing you happy summer moments,


ps Coming back to this on Saturday evening after a therapy appointment earlier.  Reminded that I get this busy because I don’t want to feel underlying pain.  Tears.  Humbled.  Again.