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THE GIFT OF YOU by Jean Callaway

As 2022 comes to an end I find myself reflecting. How is it December already? Only yesterday it seemed I was celebrating the arrival of summer and here it is almost Christmas.

Such is time.  It comes, it goes, and it seemingly flies.

2022 was a difficult year for many with pandemics, lock downs, mandates, natural disasters, war, protests, inflation.

These times have led many of us to search – consciously or unconsciously – for something often unbeknownst to ourselves.

Different for everyone, the search may be about enlightenment or spirituality, for others optimum health and well-being, financial stability, the perfect relationship, or a sense of belonging.

There lies deep within us a hunger, an unseen force, often larger than the experience of life itself which seemingly has an agenda of its own.

It speaks softly to us in nudges which present as a thought, a gut feeling, a premonition, a physical pain, a beckoning or an “intuitive hit”.

For the most part there is an unawareness of the correlation between the nudge’s and one’s life experiences.

In my case my inability to hear or sense the nudges took many forms including and not limited to breast cancer, brain and spinal cord tumours, allergies, migraines, a body so wracked with pain I could barely move, diagnosis of Depression, Dissociative Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Limited Cognitive ability.  My first aid kit included a plethora of prescription and non-prescription pills to numb any symptoms or feelings which may arise.

What is that nudge that beckons us?

That nudge is our spirit, our higher self, speaking through us, wanting so desperately to get our attention; to be heard and embodied.

What does it want from us? What is it trying to tell us?  Personally, I have found it holds the answers to that which we seek.

In listening we let down our shields and get real with ourselves and every aspect of our lives.

We withdraw from the collective mind of fear, doubt and judgement and become the co-creators of a whole new experience of life.

A world where our lives take on meaning and we become a living breathing expression of our true divine nature.

We experience a deeper sense of wholeness and peace, and our lives become enriched with beauty and wonderment.

This new world paradigm comes with many real tools to assist those wanting to heal their body/minds and transform their lives.

As we engage with the world from this place the world opens to us.  Our very presence becomes a living transmission of healing consciousness that touches our families, friends, and our communities.

This is our grace, our birthright, our r’aison d’etre.

At Christmas and always may your days be filled with great health, happiness and magical moments that make you pause and give thanks.



To book an in person or virtual healing session with Jean please direct your enquiry via email to jeancallaway54@gmail.com