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The Power of Prayer

In my practice I have been introducing prayer and gratitude to others and myself. This ancient practice has been being studied in medical schools all around the world. The power of prayer is undeniable and scientifically proven to heal and transform in ways we cannot even imagine. The key to the power of prayer is authenticity. When we believe what we are praying for has a positive effect then the result will prove correct. Can you imagine if we all prayed for peace or to end world hunger? If we all believed prayer would change the world, would we all pray? Here is a small prayer you can do daily to help shift our world.

  1. Connect to your breath.
  2. Connect to the vibration of love and gratitude in your heart.
  3. Breath in and feel that vibration of gratitude and love.
  4. Breath out and send that vibration of gratitude and love to someone you know that needs it. (A loved one, friend, children in need, to parts of the world that are starving or suffering)

Research on the power of prayer


By: Brenna Wyman – Earth Healer, Avalon Sister, Yogi, Meditation Coach