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The reality of German New Medicine

By Katherine Willow, ND, director of Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic & Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre.

(Ed note: For information on monthly introductions to GNM and our FIRST! upcoming GNM retreat on May 28-30th, look for the listing near the bottom of Clinic Events & News at www.crnhc.com or call 613-839-1179.

“Learning GNM is like discovering the world is round for medicine.”
~ Katherine Willow, ND

Last fall I was sitting beside a law student in a cafeteria and we started chatting.  “You’re a naturopath,” she said, “how do you understand this situation:  Saturday morning I woke up feeling well, at noon I suddenly vomited, by evening I was well again?”

I responded that she had probably resolved an issue involving territorial anger that morning and explained that territorial anger involved someone pushing you around or betraying you or somehow annoying you in your “territory”.  This includes the work place and at home.

She replied as I have learned that ninety percent of our culture replies when an emotional shock causes a physical symptom:  “No, I don’t remember that!”

I smiled and went back to eating my meal, noticing out of the corner of my eye that she was still sitting there, obviously reflecting.  After a while she whipped out her Blackberry and scrolled around furiously.  There was a potent pause, another landmark I have come to expect when people find their initiating shock.  Then she exclaimed “Ten-thirty that morning — how did you know!?”

And so I was given another opportunity to share the remarkable story of German New Medicine and how Dr. Hamer discovered five wholly new biological laws explaining how diseases start, and even more importantly, how healing takes place with symptoms we think are illnesses.

The story is long and involved, a series of startling revelations for medicine, both regular and alternative.  It proves the relationship between emotional shocks and disease, including a detailed analysis of which shocks cause which diseases and how they show up on brain catscans.  It also shows how some diseases including numerous cancers, are the body in the process of healing, and how we can solve many conditions, quite simply in some cases, that we assumed were terminal.

Over the past several years I have seen these laws demonstrated reliably by patients, family and friends.  I have seen people with supposedly end stage cancer use GNM to turn themselves around and totally heal.  I have also seen even more people unable to grasp these new laws, thinking they were too good to be true and troubled that they directly contradicted what their medical doctors or oncologists were telling them.

When I first encountered GNM, I too had many doubts.  It took a year of study to gain the courage to start using it in my naturopathic practice.  That is where my patients keep showing me how well it works – whether they believe in it or not!

Now, after using it for seven years, teaching monthly introductions and presenting GNM at conventions, it’s time to take the next step in sharing this material.  This step is a retreat where both patients and practitioners, new or experienced with GNM, can come together to learn how to use GNM realistically in practice in a world which does not know, understand or accept this view of sickness and healing.

It is clear to me that GNM won’t be accessible to the general public until some brave medical doctors do the obvious studies by correlating diseases, shocks and brain catscans and communicate ithe results to the medical community and society at large.  Then, after a huge amount of controversy, truth will prevail and we will indeed have a New Medicine.

In the meantime, those of us who trust our bodies’ ability to heal and know how our minds play a crucial part in that, have access to a new body of material which in many cases simplifies the process of getting well.  Please consider attending one of the monthly introductions or even the first GNM retreat.  It may well change the way you view disease and healing forever!

You can read more about German New Medicine in the websites of Katherine’s teachers:  Ilsedor Laker, www.newmedicine.ca and Caroline Markolin, www.learninggnm.com