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The Walk of Life Healing Tour of Ireland, October 24-31

The Walk of Life is a profound and gentle healing process which leads to deep insight into the nature of the human condition and how, over generations, certain tendencies and repeating patterns become embedded within family systems and clans that can cause living problems for the next generation.

The Walk of Life Healing Tour of Ireland is designed to provide a meaningful and legitimate healing experience for people of Irish ancestry who in the presence of their ancestors can make a direct connection with their historical roots while being guided by a Walk Master through the eight sections of the Irish Clans.

This Tour is open to all people but is particularly focussed upon those who share a common Irish ancestory and wish to engage their own ancestral homeland in a healing and emotional way.

The Walk of Life is designed for:

  • fathers and sons
  • mothers and daughters
  • parents and children
  • brothers and sisters
  • grandparents and grandchildren
  • husband and wife
  • whole families, friends, groups
  • multi-generational groups

For full program details on the Walk Of Life  Healing Tour of Ireland, download this 3 pg. pdf, or call Professor Murray Kelly at 613-832-1296
Fåilte OʼCeallaighe