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Introduction to Sound Healing Workshop

Sound can be a powerful tool to increase healing potential.

Whether we’re experiencing stress and our nervous system needs soothing, or we’re finding our focus fuzzy and are looking for ways to centre ourselves, sound can be a beautiful support to offer more ease to body, mind and spirit.  Using highly vibrational instruments that generate beneficial wave patterns, sound healing or sound therapy is a well researched modality and has many applications.  If you’d like to learn more about sound healing for self-care, personal growth, or to offer support to others, this workshop will offer information, meditative practices, and opportunities to work with the energy and vibration of a variety of sound healing instruments.

*Please pack a lunch, water and journal.

September 11th 9:30am-4:30pm & November 13th 9:30am- 4:30pm

Sound Nidra / Sound Healing

SoundHealing offers deep rest and rejuvenation through the use of highly vibratory sound healing instruments, sacred chants, toning and creative imagery. Rest deeply and potentially slip into consciousness dream states, while immersing yourself in the healing vibration that intentional sound offers. Listen, relax, and float on the waves of sound.  We have zero gravity chairs to relax in for this practice.

*Please bring a blanket and pillow if you want extra comfort.  If you would prefer to lie on the floor, please bring what you need to feel comfortable.

This class is offered one Thursday afternoon a month and one Friday evening a month.

Check out our calendar to register

Woman dancing in a dark room

JoyfulMotion – A Conscious Movement Practice

Carefully crafted music journeys are our inspiration to move freely, sweat soulfully, float, spin, whirl, wander and get grounded. Intent, like-minded movers, and the music, serve as our container for self-expression and exploration, allowing sensory space and a great soundscape to track discoveries, and release what doesn’t serve. Relaxed facilitation supports the experience. Sometimes you just gotta dance freely and let go!

Mystery in Motion

Awaken fluid potential within your muscles, tendons, fascia, bones and breath. This is a gentle somatic movement practice, inspired by Continuum Movement, pioneered by Emilie Conrad. Use sound, breath, restorative motion and intention as an entry way into your own personal expression of fluidity. Explore unfurling, undulating, spiralling, suspending, lateralizing, lengthening, listening, resting and more. This can be a deeply regenerating experience. If you feel the call to slooowww dowwwn … this practice may be for you.  We spend time talking, listening, titrating new ideas of movement, building coherence and practicing movement.  An optional evening follow-up session allows another opportunity to practice in group.

*Please wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in, bring one or two yoga mats and/or blankets for cushioning support.  Pack a lunch, water and journal.

October 2nd 10am-4pm & December 4th 10am-4pm

Woman meditating in nature

Foraging Workshop

Participants will learn how to recognize, gathering and prepare ingredients they have foraged on site.

We will discuss the health benefits of wild food over a light lunch.

Everyone will receive a recipe handout.

Upcoming dates:  Oct. 1st

Gentle Yoga & Meditation with Ruth

You are being invited to take this time for you.  In an unhurried space, we will be exploring gentle movement while tuning into the present moment.  Each class will be lightly held by a unique theme such as deep listening, open curiosity and inner balance.  We will open our class with a group check-in followed by a short meditation, then our yoga practice and a deeper layer of meditation for 10-15 minutes.  We will close our time together with an opportunity for conscious sharing.  Sharing is welcomed but always optional.  This class is great for those who want to slow down, connect to the breath, restore the body and relax the mind.  All levels are welcomed!

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket along with any props to help support your practice. 

This class is offered every Tuesday at 4pm.



Mindfulness Meditation with Ruth

Looking for some space to connect to the ‘Here’ and ‘Now’?  Let’s welcome our day with mindfulness!  This class is for all levels.  Beginner or experienced, the foundation is always the same: bringing your attention to the present moment to connect deeper to your life.

Growing studies have shown that having a regular mindfulness practice can significantly improve all aspects of your life including: improved sleep and concentration, decreased illness and stress and increased empathy for yourself and others.

We start with 25 minutes of guided meditation followed by reflection and community sharing.  Sharing is welcomed but always optional.  

Bring your own yoga mat, blankets and cushions along with any other items to help support your practice.

Self-Inquiry Meditation with Ruth

The central question of our class: Who am I?

This question is perhaps the most fundamental question we can ask ourselves.  Explore your true nature and who you are beyond your job, relationships and life situation.

Self-inquiry is a simple and profound tool that allows us to direct our attention inwards, connecting us to our inner wisdom, knowledge and intuition.  This tool has been known to cultivate great insight and clarity and can fundamentally change the way we live our lives.  Oftentimes, simply by being aware, we allow shifts to naturally occur. 

You will be gently guided to hold questions in your mind while opening to a space of deep listening.  We may even explore these questions in pairs or as a group.  All levels are welcomed. 

Bring your own yoga mat, blankets and cushions along with any other items to help support your practice.