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Walk of Life weekend retreat heals families, person by person

by Professor Murray Kelly

The Walk of Life is a proven process to guide people towards personal and family healing.

It can help heal families, one person at a time or, whenever possible, the whole family. In this way, it is a tremendously effective multi-generational healing instrument.

(Click here for full information on the Walk of Life and weekend retreats at Carp Ridge.)

The Walk of Life is a profoundly deep and wonderful healing method, ideal for fostering holistic health and wellbeing. The new Walk of Life Family Healing Centre offers healing services which over time will integrate into Carp Ridge EcoWellness family.

This is the first of forty Centres being developed across Canada. A round yurt, thirty feet in diameter, will be erected at Carp Ridge in the fall to accommodate Practice and Training Programs. This is a perfect building shape because the Walk of Life structure is a circle — the wheel of life — common to many cultures worldwide.

We have developed the Walk mainly within the addiction treatment provider community over the last fifteen years. It proved to be so effective as a healing tool that we now offer it to the public at large.

(Professor Murray Kelly, MW, is a Master of the Walk of Life and will be the primary practitioner along with Dr. Katherine Willow and Dr. John McMahon.)

Weekend Retreat Dates:
Aug. , 13-15
Sept. 3-5, Sept. 24-26
Oct. 8-10, Oct. 29-31
at the Carp Ridge Learning Center

Call 613-832-1296 for more information.