Welcome to Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre

Dedicated to Health, Healing and Sustainability
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

Monday to Friday 8-4pm and by appointment


Clinic - 2386 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0


Why I came to Carp Ridge Healing House

Sometimes people need intensive naturopathic treatment, clinical oversight and support. Our Healing House stay-over program is available in a limited way for clients who express the need.  If you are interested in a HH stay, please contact Colette at the clinic: 613-839-1198.

“I came to Healing House one Monday morning tired and worried.  I was greeted gently and warmly.  I had a much wished-for naturopathic physical examination that first day.  Non-invasive tests with saliva and urine on Tuesday established more baseline data.  And living at Healing House so close to the Clinic made getting to appointments easier.

More diagnostic testing at the Clinic during my stay, plus one trip for a blood test, were woven in with gently changing my patterns of eating, activities, resting and sleeping.  Daily Reiki sessions with Cindy Fleming were a joy; Amber’s Thursday evening Relaxation Class a healing pleasure.  On Friday I did a physical exam and more saliva-urine tests to see if there were any differences.

And yes, gentle progress has been made.  I’m going home less tired, cautiously optimistic, knowing I need to convalesce for three months — and the feeling I can do the emotional-mental-spiritual work that will bring me into a new balance.”