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A Weekend of Deep Self-Care – For Women with Kristine Karpinski

Imagine a cold day in winter, when the wind stirs outside swirling the snow, perhaps revealing leftover fallen leaves from deep autumn days.  You find yourself walking a forest path and discover a humble cottage nestled in the woods.  You approach the door and hear the sound of wind chimes ringing gently.

As you enter, the warming aroma of wood fire and gently simmering herbs greet you.  You feel the whispers of generations of women asking you to pause and lean in – to the great ceremony of deep self-care.

You take your place in the story and celebrate the remembrance of self, nested in the warmth of soft fibres and comforting candle-light, warming your hands around a mug of hot tea.

It’s your time.  Welcome gentle, simple practices of deep self-care and feel into the ancient wisdom of tending to body and soul.

Throughout the weekend, we’ll use our time to move through various self-care experiences: forest connections, simple meaningful crafting, gentle and joyful movement practices, anointing oils, candle and herb magic, sound healing and song, bonfire time, self-reflection, simple nourishing food, sharing and laughter.  We start Friday evening at 6pm and carry through to Sunday at 4pm. We go home each evening with self-care suggestions to carry us through to the next day.  Do you feel the call?


Feb 17 - 19 2023


6:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre,
2386 Thomas Dolan Pkwy Entrance


Kristine Karpinski