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Wellness Counselling and Holistic Nutrition

1:1 with Jenny, Holistic Nurse, R.N.

Are you looking to create more energy, health, and flow back in your life?  If you’re ready to integrate the best of east meets west and mind-body medicine to create more calm and balance in your days, support your nervous system, relationships, gut health, and wanting to get the most out of life, then holistic health counselling is for you.

As an R.N. and holistic nurse coach, I integrate a variety of health modalities and psychotherapy tools to help you design and hit the reset button to create new ways of thinking, new habits, and new routines to uplevel your health. Assessment, education and practical strategies are key to science of healthy life design, integrative health, holistic nutrition, and systemic health.

I also offer support to clients seeking support for their anxiety, overthinking, depression, or ready for change using psychotherapeutic and solution focused therapies to create meaningful change in their lives. If any of this speaks to you, I would be honoured to be a part of your journey of wellness. 

Gut Health & Microbiome Makeover

With Jenny

If you have a “gut feeling” something has been off with your health, you could be ready for the knowledge and tools to re-build, refuel, and reset from the inside out. Think microbiome makeover, metabolic mojo and new ways to uplevel your gut health. 

This is for you if you are seeking a holistic approach, a plan, and 1:1 support to start the healing journey while learning the basics of how to nourish and support your microbiome. This is also for you if you’ve been working on your gut health with your ND or on your own and need some more support to stay the course.

 The body will speak to you in many ways: fatigue, rashes, low energy, mood issues, brain fog and lack of clarity, and all those many tummy issues or food cravings/aversions that affect the day to day. 

You will receive the knowledge and support, combining neuroscience, nutrition, and nervous system re-regulation, and an individualised plan based to help you get your health back. In addition, you will get holistic nutrition focused TOOLS to help you through a 30 day plant feast and refuel to help you rebuild from the inside out. 

Ready when you are! 

1:1 with Leigh Berry RSW, RHN, MSW

“The more we give our inner voice a platform to be our guide, the more we generate feelings of inner worth and trust that we are enough.” ~ Leigh 

Pause. Feel. Tune in.  Welcome the triggers and feel into alignment with your true self. Your heart knows the way.  When we can go inward and create space to know and turn towards our true selves, this provides the ultimate platform for healing to take place.  

This counselling journey is particularly for those who feel at the whim of their emotions~ disconnected, lost, alone, anxious, overwhelmed, uncertain, sad or depressed, and stressed.  There are often past experiences of personal trauma, self-doubt, self-criticism, and a strong desire to feel better to feel good enough.  Patterns of using food (perhaps unknowingly) to cope and feel better may also exist. 

It is important to highlight that counselling services are not for clients seeking specific treatment for a diagnosed eating disorder.  This is not to say that if a client has an eating disorder history or experiences a preoccupation with food and body, or disordered eating symptoms that counselling services are not an option.  It means that at the time of your first meeting, clients must have already completed therapy or a treatment program specific to their eating disorder, and have been in the maintenance phase of recovery for at least one year.  If you are unsure, book a client consultation to discuss any of your questions or concerns.  

With Leigh

Trust your body to know what it needs to feel nourished.  

We all want to do “the right thing” when it comes to healthy eating, but this can leave us controlling way too much and trusting not enough.  We restrict, we obsess, we behave “good” all day following all of the “rules,” plus maybe get a workout in just so we can feel less guilty about rewarding ourselves with some kind of “treat” at the end of a hard day.  If this sounds like you, I promise you are not alone.  Whether you experience preoccupations around dieting and food, body image, or turn towards food as means to cope with big emotions, in either case we seek the same thing.  We want to feel better. And how you have been coping until now has been a means towards this goal.  

This journey is for those who are ready to ditch the strict rules and negative self-talk around food.  For those ready to say goodbye to emotional eating habits, or other behaviours surrounding food that are no longer serving them, and are ready to take it one step further.  We will create a nutrition plan that works for you because it feels good.  Each client will receive an extensive health history review of dietary and lifestyle habits, a diet log, and individualized dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations to address the primary concerns identified. 

 Through the lens of holistic nutrition, it is important to understand what is at the root of our problems. That we are all biochemically individual and unique. That what works for one person, may not work for another, and that we cannot fix or control our way to healthy eating or living for that matter. 

The body carries a lot of wisdom when it comes to its ability to communicate with us, including how it feels in relation to the food we eat.  This approach welcomes curiosity rather than rigidity around food. One that fosters exploration of one’s relationship with food and builds trust in oneself to know what feels good.  Learn to eat to support stress and balance mood, while also learning how to align with foods that work for you and your body.  From a spiritual or energetic lens, you can also learn how to use food to grow your connection to Self and actually raise your vibrational frequency.

It is strongly recommended that individual one-one or group therapy is explored to better integrate the wellness experience and optimize growth and healing.  However, since everyone’s needs and experiences may vary, you are invited to discuss your needs and any questions you might have during a client consultation.  

It is important to highlight that nutrition services are not for clients who are seeking support for a diagnosed eating disorder.  This is not to say that if a client has an eating disorder history, or experiences a preoccupation with food and body, or disordered eating symptoms that nutrition services are not an option.  It means that there are no services offered that support specific eating disorder treatment.  If you are unsure and you have questions or concerns in this regard, a client consultation is recommended.       

If you have landed here celebrate your curiosity. You are taking steps to love yourself boldly and find what feels good. You are invited to book a chat or initial session now!  

To read more about Leigh’s approach when it comes to holistic nutrition visit this post: https://www.leighberryco.com/ottawa-selfhelp-nutrition-blog/ditchrules-andrigidity-aroundfood

Women’s health |  New Mama Counselling & 1:1 Prenatal Education

There’s days where you may feel like you’re “surviving” this season. 

If you know women’s health issues impact your day or need some help as a new mama trying to get life working this is for you. 

As an R.N., Childbirth Educator or 20 years and previous maternal child health public health nurse, I also offer you 1:1 prenatal education in a series of sessions based on your learning needs. 

I have taught prenatal for 20 years as a public health nurse (plus mama of 2) and know first hand the power of quality education and coaching and support to help you regain and balance your physical & mental health. 

Offering support for:

  • Infant feeding
  • Creating new routines
  • Stress management
  • Postnatal nutrition

Prenatal education includes:

  • What to expect in labour and delivery
  • Maternal health during pregnancy and beyond
  • Nutrition
  • Infant feeding & infant safety
  • Operative and non-operative deliveries
  • Comfort measures for labour and birthing 
  • And much more


Referrals and resources offered as needed.