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Whispers From the Well

  • Thursday, December 14th
  • 7:30-9 pm
  • 4596 Carp Rd. Carp

Register at https://www.ninthwavearts.ca/

The expression of being human is in constant process.  We both receive and transmit vibration through blood, breath and bone.  We have the capacity to hear messages from the stars and pour our stories into the earth, while our soul sings itself home to the waves of our heart.

Each class will offer intentional meditative practices, built upon coherent themes in alignment with cycle, with the support of highly vibrational sound healing instruments, sacred seed sounds and offerings from the deep well of mystery.

This is a seated practice that invites us to hold awareness to our experience.

About Kristine Karpinski

I’m a massage therapist, healing practitioner, a teacher, a mentor, a creative. I believe our body holds deep bio-intelligence, the map of all knowing. We are wise beings, though sometimes our wisdom is in the shadows, gestating for needed times. I believe joy and grief are fundamental source energies enlivening our reason for being here.

I have had the grace of studying with master teachers, and have also apprenticed with the Bees, the Sound and the Dance, Water and Trees. I journey with many healing tools on offer.

My calling is in service to others and the greater story.


Dec 14 2023


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


4596 Carp Rd. Carp ON


Ninth Wave Arts