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Metabolic Screening Test (MST)

One of the unique services we offer at Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic is the Metabolic Screening Test (MST).  Done on urine and saliva samples after a person has fasted for 3 hours after a meal, the test gives us the following information:

  1. Screening for diabetes, hypoglycemia, bladder infection, liver disease, kidney stones, gout, tumour lysis syndrome (a symptom of cancer treatment), kidney disease and dehydration.


  1. Assessing the efficiency of the digestive process, especially if there are inadequate HCl and enzymes. Digestion is the most energy-draining work in our body and when that is optimized results in more energy for daily life.  Good digestion is also one of the biggest contributors to aging well.


  1. Discovering whether a person is deficient in minerals, a very common situation. Minerals are a key component of our metabolism and lacking them can be a factor in many conditions including ADHD, memory loss, fatigue, behaviour issues, emotional instability, insomnia, joint pain, osteoporosis, hair quality and nail strength.  When we see consistent low mineral indicators, we usually recommend a hair mineral screening test to determine which minerals are lacking and whether there are toxic heavy metals.


  1. Obtaining clues about the amount of congestion in their system. Clogged organs and tissues result in lowered energy, poor appetite, food cravings, poor sleep quality, diminished cognitive ability, lowered libido, irritability and decreased circulation.  We usually recommend gentle cleanses when we see congestion.


  1. Signs of sympathetic (stress) or parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous system dominance. This ties into most other issues as it is difficult to heal when constantly in the stress phase.

We use this information to help assess patient’s health and to monitor their progress.  Sometimes we see improvements in the numbers before symptoms go away and so can reassure patients that there really is progress!

Cost : $20

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