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Clinic - 2386 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0


Welcome to our resource page for healthy menu options and recipes. We have also included a dinner menu option with its reasonings.

Delicious Healthy Recipes

Vegan Chili

Nut-Free Lara Bars

Nut-Free Energy Bars


Dinner menu option and the reasonings behind the choices.

Melons, veggies and healthy dips from our local farmer’s market set out early to encourage children eating fruit and veggies

Vegan chili: an easy to make favourite; freezes well for future meals

Local organic beef sausages to increase protein

Grated organic cheddar: richer in nutrients and fewer toxins

Devilled organic eggs: great protein and nutrients

Gluten-free bagels: avoiding wheat can be an irritant to the brain

Organic butter: higher in essential fatty acids and vitamins; low toxins

Beets: help to detoxify the liver and decrease overall irritability

Corn and Tomatoes: local; great this time of year (Fall)

Strawberries from the farmer’s market: high in vitamin C

Yogurt: good for the gut bacteria; connected to mood; protein back-up

Maple syrup: local; contains minerals

Gluten-free cookies: avoiding the irritation of wheat

Lemon water: flushes liver and kidneys; decreases irritability

Mint tea: stimulates digestion; decreases gas and bloating; boosts mood

Purified well water: flushes toxins; hydrates the brain; decreases fatigue


Lots of delicious and healthy choices so children can be well nourished.