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Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing is a healing modality brought forward in the last decade by Ottawa Dr. John Ryan.

Unity Field healing is a powerful energetic modality based in the new energy on our planet today. It promotes physical, emotional, and mental transformation through recalibration of the Quantum DNA system.

Unity Field Healing is offered through a progression of three sessions with session 1 and 2 setting up “Intentional” client work in the 3rd session.

Session 1 “Self Attunement”

Works to bridge and strengthen the alignment with your own quantum DNA axis and spiritual DNA blueprint.

Session 2 “Template Attunement”

Provides a personal attunement to the Unity Field Healing Template, which provides the foundation needed to begin working more personally in Session 3.

Session 3 “Targeted Intentional Support”

Provides an energy session aligned with a specific “personal intention.” These “intentions” may include physical, emotional, psychological or relationship issues in terms of healing. It is the way the energy system is used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person.

Simply put, Unity Field Healing works at a deep level (quantum level), helping to shift and recalibrate energy that is not in line with our highest potential. It offers trans-formative support allowing clients ease as they release patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them.


Tom Kelly, Unity Field Healer & Reiki Practitioner

Tom is a husband and father, wishful poet, musician, photographer and philosopher. He see’s life as a gift, every moment a blessing we are entitled to just once. He has been guided to stones and crystals all his life, which introduced him to energy work through Reiki and crystal healing practices. In 2018 he became a Unity Field Healing practitioner which had a profound impact on him as a person. His intuition and connection to all things increased and his heart opened dramatically. Tom’s work with energy has continued to grow over the last decade with a focus on simplifying complexity. While helping clients release patterns and beliefs, trusting anew and creating lightheartedness.

“My experience as a Practitioner with Unity Field Healing” – Tom Kelly

As a practitioner, Unity Field Healing is my go-to. It is like a lightning rod in strength and potential and yet clients are greatly supported within the field, experiencing gentle and easeful energies and flow.

Clients feel great during and after sessions with healing potential staying with them over time.