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Jean Callaway




During the pandemic lockdown I am available to assist you via phone or video conferencing.

My first month as a practitioner at Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre. Deep gratitude for the love and support from everyone there and for those that sought my services since joining their team.  It is my honor to be of service to you!

I thought I would share a conversation a friend and I recently  had around the global pandemic and energy.  A simple question arose. How does  the Universal Law “Energy flows where attention goes” apply to the global pandemic?  Are we feeding the virus by giving it all of this attention?  Does projective modelling create an upward trend? These questions inspired us to engage in some thought-provoking conversations.

First and foremost, to those who have been ill with  COVID I honor you. ??

For those who have lost their lives, I honor you and your loved ones and send love and prayers that your souls rest in eternal Peace.??

In observing  pandemic  news coverage, it is apparent that Mainstream Media along  with others who have jumped on that bandwagon are creating a fear mongering situation.

It leads us to believe that we are all in danger and powerless to avoid contracting a “deadly virus” and the only thing that will save us is an untested and unlike any other vaccine.

This fear mongering lowers  our vibration and  puts us in a state of fear.  It is this fear that will lower our bodies ability to foster wellness, affecting our immune system and making  us more susceptible to dis-ease… COVID or otherwise.

I honor that a virus exists, and I also honor that WE ARE P0WERFUL BEINGS and our bodies innately know how to heal and regenerate.

It all brings  us back to the only thing we can really control … ourselves.

There are many things we can do to minimize our risk of contracting CV or any other dis-ease.

To this end I offer a more empowering narrative;  one which we do have control over.

STAY HEALTHY !   (Physically, Mentally /Emotionally and Spiritually)

Our  bodies are our homes, our temples. If we are respectful of our bodies, we honor them with  love and care through :

  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Daily Exercise
  • Nature Walks
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Positive thinking
  • Supplements to support a strong  immune system
  • Vibrational/Mind/Body Healing

Currently  low vibrational frequencies such as panic, terror, rage engulf the planet, The pandemic and other world events being brought to the forefront are shocking many to their very core.

One way in which  we can thrive through these difficult times  is by raising our vibrational frequency.  CHOOSE LOVE ? rather than fear. Be willing to feel  for with feeling comes healing.  Sadness is love unfolding, Judgement is love unfolding, all emotions when moved through the body are love unfolding.  If we allow LOVE to unfold itself.

Feel it all, right to its core and let it go.  It is not you or yours to carry and will only lower your vibration.

Rather than fear the virus, lets respect it.  Its power brought the world to a halt, raising the vibration of planet earth and all life upon her.

2020 has been a major blessing in disguise. Let’s not lose the lesson.  Going back to the way things were is not an option. Humanity is awakening!

It would be my honor to assist you in  healing your body/mind field complex, raising  your vibrational frequency, embodying your true and divine self and activating  your bodies innate healing abilities.

During the pandemic lockdown I am available to assist you  via phone or video conferencing.   I promise you they are equally if not more effective than Face to Face. I can be reached by email jeancallaway54@gmail.com or by phone at 613-295-2756.