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A mask for Non-Halloween days: Nikken PowerSleep Mask

by Lynn Fraser

Most of us have heard the term “power nap”, meaning a short rest that re-energizes body and mind. What if you could achieve the same result – multiplied many times over – every time you go to bed at night?

The power-nap principle was the inspiration behind the new Nikken PowerSleep Mask. For the first time, a sleep mask incorporates Nikken Triphase technology, and combines several Nikken innovations into one product:

The magnetic component is the patent-pending DynaFlux magnetic technology which features a series of individual magnets within an organized structure that places them in polar opposition, with positive or negative poles facing each other.

This intensifies the magnetic field and produces an area of magnetic flux that extends farther from the surface.

DynaFlux Technology is the only known means of expanding the size and penetration of a flux field from a static, resting magnet without requiring an increase in magnetic gauss strength. This design is proprietary to Nikken.

DynaFlux magnetic disks are rated at 800-1200 gauss. They are arranged around the perimeter of the PowerSleep Mask in spacing that allows the magnetic fields to overlap, producing coverage throughout the mask area.

The other two elements of Nikken TriPhase technology are represented by ceramic-reflective and tourmaline fibres in the mask fill material. These impart far-infrared waves and negative ions.

Nikken Far-Infrared technology is well known for its ability to absorb energy from multiple sources and then reflect it as energy in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum. Far-infrared energy is expressed as a gentle soothing effect. The tourmaline woven into the material is a natural source of negative ions, the charged molecules that are present in refreshing and relaxing forest air.

Finished in a comfortable and washable silky-smooth surface, the mask even includes a convenient travel pouch -– so that anywhere you go, you can enjoy the Nikken “power sleep” experience.

The Nikken PowerSleep Mask retails for $99 ($86 for readers of Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre Newsletter).

On a Personal Note:

In the evenings on weekdays, I tutor children with special needs –- sometimes at a five or six hour stretch. Katherine Willow suggested I have a “power nap” in the afternoon and the mask has made a big difference in my patience and energy levels, problem solving abilities and relationships with my students.

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