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Carole Martin, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), joins Natural Health Clinic


We’re happy to introduce Carole Martin, BSc, DC, CHC, to our clinic staff!

Carole uses a combination of low-force, gentle structural techniques, including Activators Methods Technique, Positional and Myofascial Release Techniques and CranioSacral therapy.

Her focus is on resolving structural issues within the physical body related to the cranium, spine, pelvis, extremity joints and their effect on the nervous system. She also incorporates nutritional counseling and knowledge of acupuncture and myofascial meridians in her practice.

She believes that we can recover from chronic illnesses, but that we may need to shift our way of being in the world on many levels, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Because of this belief, Carole works closely with other holistic practitioners.

What to expect from a chiropractic visit:

Please aside at least 60 minutes for your first visit, and 30 minutes for your second visit. Future visits typically last about 15 minutes, and this may vary from time to time and is affected by the type of treatment you require. Here’s what you might expect.

I may ask about the following:

  • personal and family medical history
  • major illnesses
  • surgeries or operations
  • prescription or over the counter medications
  • a description of your present condition
  • steps you have taken to manage your condition
  • diet and exercise routine
  • herbal remedies and other supplements
  • your sleeping habits, daily activities, work routine, stress level, and home life

TIP: Wear loose comfortable clothes and bring loose shorts (please, no jeans).

I may ask you to change into a gown to:

  • check your blood pressure, pulse, and breathing
  • test your reflexes, strength, and sensations
  • assess your posture
  • analyze your overall movement – through observing how you walk, turn, bend or lift things
  • evaluation of how well your spine moves, identifying restrictions and areas of improper motion

TIP: Bring a copy of any x-rays or radiology reports you have. These assessments give me a better picture of your health.

I will make a diagnosis and suggest a course of treatment. Once informed consent has been discussed, treatment will commence during the first or second visit. If I diagnose a condition more appropriately treated by another health care professional, I will make a referral. My treatment, regardless of the stage of care, will often include exercise, diet, and other healthy living suggestions.

What can you expect from a treatment?

Treatment may include an adjustment (also known as manipulation), which is a precise procedure applied to the joints of the body. I use an Activator Instrument, which is a hand-held device that delivers a precise, gentle force to the joints.

I also use other techniques including positional release techniques, cranial sacral therapy, and myofascial release techniques. I also utilize information from Traditional Chinese Medicine and myofascial meridians in my treatments.

Stages of Care:

  • Relief care is provided for relief of immediate pain, restricted mobility, and discomfort. Depending on the diagnosis, your age, physical condition, how long you have had the current complaint, and previous injuries, a few or several visits over a relatively short period of time, may be necessary.
  • Corrective care treats conditions that are more severe, recurring or have existed with or without pain for some time. These may require a longer, more complex period of care. Once the severity of your condition has decreased through relief care, corrective care helps to restore normal function to your spine, muscles, supporting tissues, and the nerves affected by them.
  • Supportive care helps you maintain and preserve the benefits you’ve achieved from relief and corrective care.

How often do I need to see a chiropractor?

Together, we will determine the best schedule of care specific to your circumstances. For some people chiropractic treatment is like a regular tune-up, to help deal with the regular wear and tear of life. For others, it’s simply an effective treatment when pain or discomfort strikes.

You can book appointments with Carole by calling the clinic at 613-839-1198, or by going to the Natural Health Clinic webpage and using her ‘Schedule Now’ button.