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REACHING CRITICAL MASS: An invitation to participate! For personal growth, spiritual philosophy & planetary evolution

by Katherine Willow ND & Lise Nickerson, yoga teacher and healer

Monthly CREWC community & spirit gathering (usually with a potluck lunch):

Sat, JUNE 5th, 9:30-11:30am w/ potluck after.

For future meeting times, it’s best to call the contact people below:
Katherine: 613-236-8313, kjwillow2@hotmail.com
Lise: 613-926-1977, earthwyselise@yahoo.com

To all people interested in personal growth, spiritual philosophy and planetary evolution, there is a new group at CREWC that may be nourishing for you: people focussed on strengthening community and spirituality within the centre and connecting with like-minded individuals and groups elsewhere.  This emerged out of our annual visioning get-together last winter.

Our first step is to clarify the intentions and philosophy that underlie CREWC and similar centres so that those of us who would like to play have a collective understanding of the principles of the game.  If you download this pdf, you will find an outline of the topics we would like to see included in this group event.  Everyone is welcome to comment, contribute, question!  We welcome your input.

Also, we will have regular monthly meetings to move forward with this process, including potlucks, healing circles and other events during which there will be plenty of juicy discussions allowing our deeper intelligence to inspire new solutions for healing ourselves, our families, our communities and the planet.

Yes, it sounds idealistic, and this is where I could pull in Margaret Mead’s quote about change coming about through a small group of dedicated people — but we are not alone.  There are similar groups all over the world working towards a shift in consciousness with the intention to finally outgrow war, poverty, greed and environmental overkill, amongst many other examples of human immaturity.  As we strengthen and focus our positive energies, we will naturally converge and work towards creating the critical mass we trust is necessary for moving into a more enlightened phase.  With all of our connectedness I believe it can happen very quickly.

I would be remiss not to mention that this transition includes turbulence and discomfort, often to the extent of being discouraged to the point of giving up the struggle.  Or not even starting, thinking that the world is going to “hell in a handbasket!”

This is inherent in any big change and is a huge reason to stick together during these times to remind each other that we are in a healing crisis when we experience old issues and limitations as a prelude to working them out and letting them go.  As we connect more and more often to our inner light, we contribute to the growing planetary light through the energetic field of unity which we share.

If you are interested in participating and can’t make the meeting, please contact me with your ideas by email or phone at the clinic: Katherine Willow, clinic@ecowellness.com, or 613-839-1198.

We very much look forward to welcoming and working with whoever joins us and will keep the general community posted through our monthly e-newsletters.

Peace be with you, Katherine