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Food Is Not The Enemy: Stop the Food Fight is coming to Canada

What if everything you’ve learned about dieting and weight loss was wrong? What if you didn’t have to starve yourself or workout like a maniac? What if you could stop agonizing about every bite that goes in your mouth? Stop The Food Fight is not a diet, there are no costly supplements to take and there are no draconian exercise regimes. (See the video on YouTube)

Stop The Food Fight is a ground breaking two-day workshop, presented by Skip Lackey and his wife and business partner Kristine, founders of Evolution Unlimited based in Boulder, Colorado (go to website).

“Stop The Food Fight tackles the problem by addressing the real issues behind our over eating, those deep-seated control issues that cause us to be reactive to food, the unconscious reasons we overeat and how to clear out addictive eating behaviours,” says Lackey, “In short, how to finally find that freedom from food bondage we’ve been searching for all our lives.”

Stop The Food Fight will be offered for the first time in Canada in Ottawa, Ontario on Feb 25 & 26 and in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on March 24 & 25.