Welcome to Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre

Dedicated to Health, Healing and Sustainability
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

Monday to Friday 8-4pm and by appointment


Clinic - 2386 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Carp, ON K0A 1L0


Healing House notes

Sadie: After three months with us, Sadie has transitioned to another residence in the city with more support.  It has been nothing less than a revolutionary learning experience for us to have had her here, and we continue to assist in her healing process with her new and expanded team of practitioners.

Using a naturopathic model for treating mental/emotional illness gives us hope for the future of this kind of holistic care, seeing such illnesses as conditions that can usually be overcome in time with proper healing surroundings and therapies.  We will give occasional updates as Sadie’s journey unfolds and look forward to her visits here to continue her connection with us.

Mariah House: As you may know from last month’s post, our healing house guest Mariah passed away peacefully at home with her family.  To honour her courage and pioneering spirit, we’ve decided to name the new healing house that will be built later next year after her: Mariah House.

In the opening ceremony we will tell her story as an example of what can happen in a holistic healing environment, even when it eventually concludes in death. . .

Pond Retreat Cabin: David Shackleton and his team of woofers is completing an adorable cabin overlooking our pond that will be used as a healing house extension for retreats where people can come for rest and reflection time, nourishing food, holistic therapies, a lovely spot in nature—and a community nearby if desired!  We’ll keep you posted when it’s ready to use (see pics below).